Increasing Your Car Engine’s Horsepower is No More a Mess!

“Purpose is the ultimate fuel to our journey through life. When we drive with Purpose we don’t get tired or bored, and our engines don’t burn out.”● Jon Gordon 

When it comes to car performance and speed, you must have seen the car experts talking about its horsepower. This is a most-talked-about word in the automotive world. And there is no denying that most car-lovers may know the importance of horsepower without understanding the science behind it. 

So, here is a detailed illustration of what horsepower is all about?

The horsepower of a vehicle is referred to as the overall potential of the engine. It is calculated through the power required to move 550 pounds one foot within a second or by the power required to move around 33,000 pounds-feet in a minute—all in all, the better the horsepower, the better the acceleration of the vehicle. 

Ultimate ways of increasing the vehicle engine’s horsepower are – 1. Install a high-performance cold air intake – The thumb rule to increase the power of a vehicle is – the colder the air, the denser it is. This means the maximum air per volume engine intakes will result in accelerated horsepower. For instance – you may have noticed a balloon getting deflated when taken outside in the chilled days. Same is the case with your car’s engine. It deflates when it’s too cold outside. So, all in all, the better, faster, and cleaner your car will breathe inside out, the better potential it will have to increase horsepower. 2. Exhaust system – This can be considered as a quick-fix to the horsepower issues. All you need to do is install a free-flowing exhaust that comes with the more extensive diameter piping system allowing your vehicle to exhaust quicker and more comfortably. The faster your car will exhale carbon monoxide, the faster it will inhale fresh oxygen to create dense carbon monoxide. This process ends up in improving the overall horsepower. 3. Turbocharger – Rare people know that turbocharger is bolted to the car’s engine’s exhaust manifold, giving it more strength and potential in many ways possible. There are many Spoologic turbochargers available in the market to consider improving the flow of force in the engine. In general, the supercharger gets power for the belt connected directly to the engine, but it gets the power from its exhaust system when talking about turbocharger. 4. Water-injection kit – The major role of water-injection gear is to accelerate the vehicle’s gas mileage while decreasing the combustion chamber’s carbon deposits. This helps to prevent the engine pinging when contributing to the car’s performance. 5. Clean filters – Here, you would require to make some manual efforts to keep your car running smoothly forever. Keep the filters clean and well-maintained, so the engine continues to produce maximum power. 

Conclusion – 

Adding more to your car’s performance and horsepower is no more a big deal, especially when you know the right hacks for it. Keep the vehicle in good shape and always well-maintained to see the real-time difference in performance and power.



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