How to Improve Your Music Listening Experience at Home

Wherever we turn there is music. It has been part of our lives since the prehistoric age, when man first took to beating two sticks in a fun rhythm, to our modern electronic beats played via a wireless connection through loudspeakers. And it has become so essential that many people can’t even imagine waking up without a certain melody as their alarm tone, or commuting to work without something playing on the radio. 

So why not take care that the music you are listening to while at home is of the best possible quality?

And we are not talking about music choice – there is no accounting for taste – but of sound quality, the invisible wavelengths coming into your ears and being transformed to an art inside your brain.

Let’s see what technology has in store for us. 

What Are You Really Experiencing?

Music, or on a more basic level – sound – is a physical phenomenon of a vibration that creates a wave that travels through some surrounding (air or water, for example). And when that wave is received by our ears it is transformed in our brain to a certain sound that we recognize – thus allowing us to hear and distinguish various audio signals. Music, crudely speaking, is just waves rearranged in such an order of frequency and power that we find it so intriguing we called it an art form.

We all feel it, and it has been confirmed by scientists, that music relaxes us and can make us more productive. It has been used in therapeutic healing also successfully, so there is no denying it is beneficial for us. Some forms of music, especially classical music, has been routinely used as a tool to help with learning, as it makes students feel more serious and can help them concentrate later on.

And apart from the earlier mentioned advantages of music listening, it is a serious field of study in physics, called acoustics, and has a whole industry of audio equipment producers that are advancing the technology behind it every year. This technology and its know-how are the backbone of modern home sound systems and can be used to improve our music listening experience.

How to Improve Your Sound Quality

A huge part in the quality of the sound coming from your home speakers is in the quality of the equipment itself.

Considering how we have mostly passed the age of badly recorded music (and really, you can have studio quality music wherever you go nowadays, stored in some cloud memory and reachable wherever in the world) it comes down to the wiring, the sizing and placement of your audio equipment. 

Connecting or wiring your amplifiers to your player requires a bit of calculations. Experts say that wiring in your car’s audio system can be especially troublesome as the confined space and small battery power are a limiting factor.

But if you are working in your house there is ample room for improvement (and error!). 

Factoring in that many people in a flatting situation, or even living on their own have to take into account that neighbours won’t appreciate their music taste – there is a point when bigger isn’t better. However, if you still want to experience your favourite artists music, for example Bad Bunny (you can check out tickets for Bad Bunny here) you could attend their concert. With this you don’t just get the opportunity to see your favourite artist live, you get the entire experience that you cannot get from listening to them in your living room! Understandably, concerts are unaffordable to those who may be in a difficult finance situation, luckily there are other ways to improve your sound quality at home!

A new amplifier and loudspeaker are probably enough to give you a completely new experience with the range and depth of sound you haven’t heard before, but also a good pair of headphones can go a long way. Quality headphones can create a surround sound effect for only a fraction of the price of real things, yet with zero annoyance to anyone around you.

Don’t forget to shuffle your playlist once in a while. Though you can experience a new dimension of music with better gear around you it is worthwhile remembering that music comes in such a huge palette that only one playlist, however large, is a far cry from what is all out there.

Discovering new music tastes can be as enriching as going to any foreign country for a culture shock, and it only requires a bit of shaking up of your music listening habits. 

Listening to music at home is a habit that has become like a small sanctuary for many.

We can enclose ourselves in the vibes coming out of the speakers and let our minds wonder at what we are hearing.

Making it a better experience is a plus in any book, and considering what are all our options out there it really does not have to be a big minus in your checkbook. 


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