Getting to grips with the Elm327

The Elm327 will be familiar to any driver that is knowledgeable of the inner workings of a modern car. Its primary function is to act as a scanner within the car’s computer system, which is a key factor in enabling modern cars to function. So once an error occurs within the cars computer system, unless you run the Elm327 scanner you cannot be sure there are not any problems that could manifest into a larger problem, which results in more costly repairs if you do not spot them soon enough. A bit like a circuit board powers your laptop from the inside, the internal workings of your car are based on a large internal operating engine system, just on a much larger and even more technical scale to enable the car to function.

The Elm327 can be connected to the internal computer via an OBD-II connector, (the on-board diagnostics). It enables you to detect any malfunctioning errors that might emerge within the car’s computer system, which is vital when you want to understand what is causing an internal error in the car and want to resolve the problem. Any modern car produced post 1996 will contain an electronic element in the vehicle to keep it running and operating with all the various components built inside.

Its name, Elm327 originates from a part of the component itself, which is primarily the bit between the diagnostic bus (the section that transmits data inside the computer) of the car and the computer chip, which links the two together. This electronic chip (which thus gave its name to the Elm327) was initially developed by a Canadian company. However, it was quickly seized by a Chinese electronic manufacturing industry who were then able to replicate this design and produce it in masse.

Now to the essential part, how to use the Elm 327. To ensure you are carrying out the necessary checks for successful use of the Elm327 you will need a working Bluetooth connection from a portable device, so for example an android operating phone. If you opt instead to use a Wi-Fi or USB based Elm327 connection, then you will need an IOS or laptop device. The main priority is to have a working scanner so it is up to you, which connection based, scanner you purchase, as all three will work in the same manner. Variations will be different in terms of cost mostly. For ease of portability, perhaps using your phone is the easiest and lightest portable device compared to your laptop.

The main features of the Elm327 scanner comprise of reading engine data, checking the Engine light, reporting any error codes, clearing any error codes, displaying current sensor data, and turning on and off any additional features. So once the scan is complete you will have a much better understanding at the end of any existing problems that need to be dealt with as soon as possible.



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