When to see a lawyer about your accident?

Getting an injury of any kind can be distressing. It may affect your social, work and even family life. It is important to know what you are entitled to and when you should do something about it. You have rights providing that it wasn’t your fault. However, there is lots of information out there and lots of people looking for your business. This article will give you some insight into whether you have a case or not and when you should contact somebody about your accident.


No matter what type of accident it is, you will always need to establish blame and work out who is at fault. Providing that it isn’t you, you will likely have a case. Also, if you end up encountering such an unfortunate event, it would be best to consult a personal injury lawyer to discuss your case. You can learn more here about how they can have your back and maximize your chances of receiving fair compensation for all your losses. However, this isn’t always as easy as it sounds. You need to provide conclusive evidence that somebody else was to blame. Road accidents can be a tricky one to prove if there is no camera evidence to provide objective light on the incident. No matter what type of accident you have make sure to gather as much evidence as possible in order to help your case. 

Types of Accidents

There are all sorts of different types of accidents that you can claim for if they were not your fault. Whether they were at work or on the road, compensation can be due by either another person or a company so it is worth knowing who to contact and whose details you will need to gather. Below you will find the different types of accidents that are most prominent in West Virginia right now:

Pedestrian Accidents

Worryingly, West Virginia has some of the highest fatality rates for pedestrian car accidents than any other state in the country. These can be some of the most difficult cases to prove as it often comes down to your word against theirs. However, if you are the pedestrian, providing that you haven’t been killed, you are likely due significant compensation. This is because these accidents can often lead to more damaging injuries that will affect your ability to work and live your life as normal. If you have been in any car pedestrian accident then you should definitely consider discussing with a pedestrian accident lawyer in West Virginia.

Workplace Accidents 

A common misconception about workplace accidents is that they can only be dealt with inhouse. This is not the case. Workplace accidents are just as relevant as a private traffic accident. It may however, cost you your place of work if your manager does not take it very well. There is a duty of care extended by employers to their employees. If you have experienced an accident at work that has come from poor maintenance of your place of work, lack of equipment or personal protection uniform that should be supplied by them, then you may have a claim. In West Virginia workplace injuries are on the rise and so if you have experienced an injury get in contact with your lawyer.

Slips, trips, and falls

Probably the most common type of accident that can occur to you but the one that is the most difficult to prove that you deserve compensation for. Uneven pavements, wet floors and poor lighting are all considerations that need to take place when discussing this type of claim. Injuries can vary from minor scratches, cuts and bruises to the more fatal permanent pain of back problems and spinal problems. More permanent damage will be worth more. However, you do need to consider if the payment will cover the hassle of going through a long court course.

Malpractice suits

These are some of the most emotionally charged suits that can exist. They are often against doctors or carers. These are people that you put your faith into look after you or your close family members. If you feel that they could have done more or tampered too much with their treatment, then you may feel like you can make a claim. One thing to be aware of is that if it is a doctor or a nurse that you are looking to have a suit against, the company they work for will likely side with them which means you may face a long and drawn-out case. However, talk to a professional and they can advice you whether you have a case or not. 


Compensation can differ greatly depending on the case at hand. This has to do with type of injury, how clear is the blame attributed, the length of the court case, the size of the claim. If more than one person is involved, you may have to wait for a collective hearing or for individual hearings. It goes without saying the more serious the injury, the more money will likely be offered. Equally, if the press release of the case could be damaging to the company, they may be willing to compensate more if you sign a non-disclosure.

It is important to factor in lots of other costs as well such as if you need to take time off work or that you cannot attend certain plans. Any long-term injury may disrupt your life significantly and so it is important that you are compensated for that, along with any material possessions you may have lost. Equally, if trauma was severe, you should think about factoring in any time at therapy or physio recovery that you required. All of this will add into your compensation claims. 

Contacting a lawyer

This can seem like an intimidating thing to do but mostly lawyers are just like regular people with a job to do. The best thing that you can do is prepare as much information as you possibly can and back it up with evidence. They will be able to guide you in the right direction. Remember that compensation is a bonus and that anything is better than nothing. Let the lawyers do the work and hope that you can get a little bit of something for an accident that wasn’t your fault.



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