10 Super Easy Hacks To Extend Your Vehicle Life

Drivers who keep their vehicles well-maintained by repairing and replacing parts on time can go far miles than those who ignore it.

Regular checking of vehicles and parts helps to save money on repairing and extending your vehicle’s life. Research also shows that poorly maintained vehicles release 100 times more environmental footprint than well-kept vehicles. Therefore to keep the environment safe and boost your vehicle’s life, it is imperative to pay attention to a few important things.

Here we have a list of the top 10 easy tricks to prolong your vehicle’s life. So, let’s begin now;

● Follow Manufacturer’s Manual

The first and foremost important thing that most vehicle owners ignore is to read the manufacturer’s manual. But it involves information related to every aspect of your vehicle that you may not be aware of at the time of purchasing or using. You will also know when and how to replace certain parts of your car or bike that improve its performance and life. 

Other details, like oil filter changes, tire rotations, belt replacements, etc., are also included in the manual. Knowledge about these can save your bank and credit cards from breakage. 

● Do not ignore oil changes time.

The oil acts as blood in vehicles. It pumps through the engine and keeps the vehicle lubricated and cooled. Your manual contains all the details regarding when you should change the oil and boost the life of your vehicle engine. So, do not forget to follow the given instructions. Otherwise, it can lead to serious damage to your car or bike and can break your bank account.

● Keep it fluid

It’s not about the oil only, but your vehicle requires other fluid for the smooth working of the engine. So, always pay attention to brake fluid, power steering fluid, coolant, transmission fluid, and wiper fluid of your car. If you own a new vehicle, bear in mind that these vehicles have indicator lights to guide drivers for replacing and refilling fluid. Still, you cannot ignore physical verification to save yourself from any unexpected issues.

● Protect your car from climate change

Climate has a great impact on deteriorating your vehicle’s life. This is something hard to avoid. Still, you can take some preventive measures to protect your vehicle from snow, rain, or debris regularly. The best trick is to park your vehicles in a garage or cover it to protect them from harsh climatic conditions. Regular painting can also be considered to prolong your used vehicle’s life. 

● Pump up your tire inspection

The car or bike handling and performance are highly dependent on the proper inflation of its tires. Therefore, keep your tires pumped up all the time. Proper inflation can also boost your life and save many bucks on their early replacements.

It is easier and safer for drivers to handle high-speed bikes on the road with good tire air pressure. If you are using deflated tire pressure, remember it can harm the engine and fuel usage. 

● Don’t be a car slob.

When you are preparing for the longevity of your car’s life, you should not be lazy to adopt a cleanliness habit. This involves washing and cleaning your car regularly. Some people keep the burgers or pizza boxes in the car’s backseat. After some time, these products can linger, and it feels like you are at a drive-thru. The best tip is to throw the leftovers in bins and check your car’s back seat before going out.

Weather, especially winter, is the biggest culprit for decreasing your car value and affecting its life. Wondering how? Think about roads that are covered in winter with salt to clear snow. Still, it also affects your vehicle paint and improves the chances of rusting. So, do not forget a regular car washing to get rid of all these issues. 

● Pay a little extra for quality.

When planning to boost your vehicle life, then do not go by cheap brands for accessories or spare parts. These could prove more expensive to repair. For instance, you are using CFMOTO Bikes and want to upgrade the engine or frame. Experts always suggest you choose the best quality parts for your superior bikes. Otherwise, when you are going to wash the exterior of your bike, you may do more harm with low-quality parts. 

● Drive Carefully

Careful driving has a great role in improving your vehicle’s life. How? Bear in mind, while driving slow and carefully, you will be aware of surrounding environments. Therefore you can be ready to avoid potholes, bumps, and other mishaps on the roads. Slow driving also puts less pressure on your vehicle’s brakes. The best part, you can save a lot on repairing and fuel costs. 

● Be Proactive in Getting Repairs

Most vehicle owners procrastinate the vehicle repair, but it could result in serious malfunctions. No need to mention, you can see the difference in-vehicle services bills. Therefore, next time, do not ignore your vehicle warning signs and other mechanical issues. Fixing them on time can save thousands of dollars and keep your vehicle in tiptop conditions all the time. 

● Check out Filters for Easy Breathing

Filters catch dust and debris particles and keep the vehicle working smoothly. Everyone knows this, but did you check your vehicle manual and check about different types of filters in your car? No, then take out now and find out. For a short guide, you will see oil, fuel, air, and engine filters. Each function differently and helps to prolong the life of the vehicle. So, cleaning them all on time can save lots of bucks on vehicle repairing and replacing. But when the need arises, do not delay the process of replacing it with good quality filters. You can do the replacement function on your own by following manufacturing guidelines.

Bottom Line

Keeping your vehicle up-to-date can save your bank account from breaking. Therefore always pay attention to manufacturer guidelines, change the oil on time, and keep the car safe from environmental conditions. You must also check your bike or car’s tires, be regular for cleaning, drive carefully and never procrastinate repairing plans. You must keep an eye on vehicle parts replacements and always choose the best quality parts for the engine and frames. Following these tips can keep you worry-free for the next few years.



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