4 Ways To Upgrade Your Car

If you are a car lover and take pride in looking after your car then there are a few upgrades we think you would enjoy. Having a car is a lot of responsibility and you should be on top of the upkeep and we have found a way to do this and keep it stylish. So whether you are looking to upgrade to increase its value or purely for your own vanity, take a look at our tips below.


First, think about investing in some good quality tires. The better the quality the better the handling speed of your car is. We recommend swapping between summer and winter tires, this may be an expensive outlay but in the long run will benefit the amount of control you have over the car in different weathers. Once you have sorted your tires, treat yourself to some stylish rims, swapping out your rims can change up the whole look of your car, opt for a lightweight rim as it will make the car lighter and inturn give you better handling. Remember to always make sure your tires are roadworthy and that you check the pressure regularly.

Sound System

Everyone loves listening to music in the car and if you do then you should consider upgrading your sound system. If you are upgrading an older car think about incorporating modern technology such as bluetooth, charging docs or digital screens. If you are upgrading your stereo then it’s a no brainer to upgrade your speakers too. Old used speakers can make the sound muffled and distorted so installing some good quality speakers, an amplifier or subwoofer will help you get a clear sound.

Cleaning up the Exterior

To make your car pleasing to the eye, you should think about cleaning up the exterior. If your car has any dents or scratches then it’s time to get them out. There are a number of ways you can do this for example for hairline scratches you could have a go at getting them out yourself, this can be done with polish, wax or even toothpaste. Before you just go at it applying your polish, wax or toothpaste, you need to make sure that the care is clean of any small pieces of dirt that may scratch your car more if you wipe it before cleaning. Once your car is clean and dry, apply your chosen substance and gently rub the scratched area with a microfibre cloth. You can check this guide for further instructions on how to remove scratches from your car by yourself. For deeper scratches and dents you should seek professional help.

Exhaust System

Upgrading your exhaust system will allow your car to become more economical with fuel, increase horsepower and good quality ones will last longer than the standard factory exhaust systems. If you like the cars that roar then upgrading your exhaust system is definitely for you.

Car Detailing is everything so once make sure you keep your car looking great by checking it regularly and giving it a good clean and polish. If you are thinking about selling your car check out our 5 Tips to Prepare a Car for Sale.



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