What Parts Should You Be Looking For When Upgrading Your Vehicle

If you are thinking about upgrading your car or motorbike, why not think about upgrading the parts rather than having the expense of buying a brand new car or motorcycle. Whether its parts for Harley Davidson or an Audi, we have some top tips to help get you started below: 


Your car needs a good set of tires anyway, but you should think about investing in some better quality tires when looking to upgrade your car or motorcycle. We think it is best to have a set of summer tires and winter tires, so you know you are best prepared for both extremes of weather. If you are on a budget, you can choose all-weather tires but make sure that they have a good grip for the sudden change in weather. 


One of the most important performance factors is knowing you can come to a stop quickly and safely if needs be. You should regularly be checking your breaks anyway, but upgrading them will give you peace of mind in the event of having to perform an emergency stop. They will also increase the performance of your overall day to day stopping.


If you feel that your handling is stiff, you can invest in a new suspension to combat this. Having a new suspension installed will help your car and motorbike run more smoothly.

Air Intake

Factory cars are pretty good at providing an adequate air intake filter to clean out the toxic fumes that enter your vehicle. However, no harm has come from updating your standard one to a newer model. By replacing your factory air intake system, you will increase fuel efficiency as well as horsepower. 

Exhaust System

Exhaust systems are the most common upgrade made to a car or motorbike. Although many ‘boy racers’ will upgrade for the sound, it actually will help by increasing engine efficiency, in turn resulting in increased horsepower

Spark Plugs

Factory built-in spark plugs can sometimes misfire, decreasing the speed of the car and its reliability. Installing new spark plugs will increase fuel efficiency and decrease emissions.

Stereo system

There are a few factors that come in when upgrading your stereo system. Start by replacing your factory radio, chose a receiver that covers connecting to your phone, iPod, CDs and radio. For the hands-free feature, make sure you include BlueTooth. If you don’t want to replace your stereo system, then we recommend taking a look at resources like these top deals reviews with a view to upgrade to some new speakers. You may notice that when you play music loud, the speakers start to crack and become distorted. Installing an amplifier or subwoofer can help increase the quality of sound.

Remember, when modifying your car can affect your insurance. Do your research and make sure the upgrades you make are legal and don’t void your insurance.

We hope we have helped you when deciding what parts you need to upgrade your vehicle. Now you might be thinking, What is the Best Dash Cam for your newly upgraded vehicle, don’t worry we’ve got you covered.


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