The Do’s And Don’ts Of Selling Your Vehicle Online

When it comes to changing your vehicle you may believe that selling your vehicle online privately might give you the best possible price. In truth this is often the case. After all, part exchanging with a dealership means additional costs that they need to take into consideration. While part exchanging is often the easiest option, sometimes if you do have the time to sell yourself it can put you in a better position to buy your next vehicle. With that in mind, here are the do’s and the don’ts to help you sell your vehicle online.    

DO ensure that you describe it well

The description of the vehicle is extremely important so take time to ensure that you describe it well. It might be worth going around the car or motorcycle and describing each panel or element. Include scratches and dents or any other things that are worth a mention. The more information you put into the advertisement the less likely you are going to get any opposition with price. 

DON’T mislead potential buyers

It is also important to not mislead buyers in anyway. This means that using pictures that are accurate and good quality for your online advertisement. Again this helps because you can then avoid people presenting objections when they come to view the vehicle or bike in person. You should also list any work that has been done, so whether you have worked on your motorcycle suspension setup or replaced vital parts, let your potential buyers know. The more you share, the more confidence they will have in your listing. 

DO consider ways of delivery

Sometimes you may find that your perfect buyer is at the opposite end of the country, and while it may be worth it to them to take the trip to see the virulent, they may not be able to pick it up themselves. It might not necessarily be down to you to organise, but it is worth considering all of the options to ensure you widen your chances of selling. 

DON’T sell with outstanding finance

It should be obvious but there are still people out there who try and sell a vehicle with a third party interest which is normally finance. If you took finance on the vehicle to buy it then ensure that it is cleared before offering it up for sale. 

DO present the vehicle in the best possible way

Of course describing it well and taking good pictures is worth it, also it might be worth ensuring it looks its best when people come to see it. A decent valet or even taking care of minor scratches and dents before sale could go a long way fo getting the best possible price. 

DON’T let the vehicle go without cleared payment

Finally, it is all well and good agreeing a sale but don’t release the vehicle or the paperwork until you have a cleared payment. These days people can do a bank transfer simply online and it can be an instant transaction. Some people can still get hold of the cash as well, and so ensuring you have a cleared payment before handing the keys over is obvious but yet still so many people can make the mistake. 

Let’s hope this has made you more aware of some of the ways you can sell your vehicle online and get the best possible price.


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