The 5 Smartest Questions To Ask at a Dealership

When motorists are looking for the best Ford dealership, there are numerous options in their area. Finding the right used trucks for sale can be challenging, for this reason, and many others. Since this is one of the largest financial commitments that the buyer is ever going to make, they need to make sure that they are fully educated.

Even if the vehicle is new to the buyer, they still need to take certain precautions. By knowing more about the smartest questions to ask savvy buyers are able to sidestep the typical pitfalls. Taking the time to ask these questions will keep your dream car from turning into a nightmare once it has been driven off the lot.

1. How Long Is The Test Drive?

Be wary of any dealership that does not allow for a long enough test drive. Even when buying used, there is still a protocol that needs to be followed. Don’t talk pricing with a dealer until this step has been addressed. Any dealer that starts to balk when it comes to the length of the test drive (or whether one can be offered at all) is not to be trusted.

2. What’s The Story On The Vehicle?

Used vehicles all have their own stories to tell and the best dealerships are more than happy to provide it. Maybe the vehicle came directly from a trade-in with a new car dealer after being used for a demo or a previous trade-in. They may have acquired the vehicle at auction. Rental cars are also sold to these dealerships on a regular basis. Any reputable seller will be able to offer up a full history.

3. Can a CarFax Report Be Offered?

When shopping for a used car, CarFax is an invaluable resource. Yes, the dealer should be offering a full maintenance history off the bat. However, third party reports are the best way to ensure that a quality used vehicle is being purchased. The dealer should also be paying for this report. No buyer should ever be footing the bill for this purchase, as it is the dealer’s responsibility.

4. Has Any Service Been Done Since Arrival?

Once a vehicle arrives at a used car dealership, it may sit there for quite some time before it is driven away. In the meantime, a buyer needs to know whether any current service or maintenance has been done. The current dealer also needs to be willing to share this information with anyone who is asking. If recent work has been done on the vehicle, this is a major plus for the buyer, as they will not need to spend as much on repairs in the future.

5. Are Cash Discounts Considered?

Anyone who is considering a used vehicle will typically have some amount of money saved already. That’s why it behooves the buyer to ask about cash discounts that are being offered. Many dealers still prefer cash purchases, so ask if the price can be slashed if the traditional financing process is skipped entirely.




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