5 Tips For Buying Used Parts from Wreckers

It can be a challenge to get spare parts, especially for old model vehicles. Especially if you are looking for a rare car part and you have no idea where you can get it from. 

One of the best places to get such parts is in a car wreckers yard. These automotive scrappers buy old, damaged, and totalled vehicles. This makes their scrap yards a gold mine for various car parts from all makes and models.

They extract reusable parts, and you would be surprised to get an accessory that you have been looking for without success anywhere else. When a certain part needs to be replaced, you do not need to purchase a new one. In many cases you may not even be able to buy a new part!

It is easy to be torn between new and used ones. Although it is alright to buy accessories from car wreckers. However, there are a few things to check before you can place your order.

Learn to Distinguish Substandard Products

A substandard item may be cheap when purchasing, but it will be expensive in the long run. How can you distinguish a substandard spare part from a genuine one? It is something that you must learn. Fail to get a grip on this, and you could soon find yourself contacting a car accident lawyer from your hospital bed. Buying from a vendor that you trust is the best way to avoid this without fail but, if you are purchasing from a range of different places, be sure that you always look out for telltale signs that a product isn’t quite up to scratch including – 

  • Visible damage
  •  A lack of verified paperwork
  • Rust/mold/etc.
  • And more

You can work with your mechanic if you are not sure how to go about this.

Know The Part That You Need

Car wreckers will have numerous spare parts that you can choose from. It can be a bit overwhelming.

You must understand the specific part that you are looking for. If you are not sure, you can remove the one that needs replacement from the car, and carry it with you.

Your car manual will also be helpful in this case. It should have the component numbers that you can refer to.

Get It Tested

Quality car wreckers clean and test the parts when they extract them. This is to make sure they will function properly.

An accessory may look good and even fit your car, but it could be faulty. If you can drive your car to the wrecker’s yard, do so.

Understand Their Return Policy

What if the part is installed in your car, and after a few days it is no longer functional? It is worse if you are stuck and buying it was expensive.

What is their return policy? Remember that it must be workable for you. This way, you are assured that even if it fails or has issues, you are entitled to some sort of compensation.

To avoid repurchasing the product after a short while, you should get a guarantee. Car wreckers who trust their products will always give a reasonable warranty.

Bring Your Tools

Most wreckers will have loads of cars dumped around their lot. It is up to the buyer to remove the parts they want from the vehicles. So bring your tools as you will most likely need to dismantle and remove the parts that you need yourself.


Before you can buy the car part, ensure you are comfortable with your purchase. Make sure you are purchasing the needed part and it is high-quality.

Let the price not carry you away, but rather focus on the after sales support. Understanding their return policy, see to it that the part is tested before purchasing it, and know the actual part required before you start shopping around.

It is the only way you can be sure about your investment. In a car wreckers yard, it is possible to get rare and genuine parts at very low rates compared with brand new.




  • Ron says:

    My first step is to get a couple of quotes from a dealer/OEM, EBay or any good aftermarket alternative. I’ve seen car wreckers trying to charge me more, for a 19-year old (rubber) part, than what I had quoted (at dealer) for a brand new OEM part.

  • A couple of days ago, I was in a car accident that caused damage to my bumper and windshield washer fluid bay. It was really helpful when you mentioned that wreckers test the parts they extract. I want to get a new bumper and fluid bay, so it seems like it could be a good idea for me to get them used from a wrecker.

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