8 Driving Apps To Download In 2021

Car fanatics love any opportunity to improve their vehicles, whether it’s custom seats or a fresh paint job. No matter which type of vehicle you drive, you’ll benefit from maintenance and safety support. These apps have got plenty of great features to offer, whether it’s tracking your repairs, or improving your fuel economy.

1 . RepairPal

The RepairPal app helps to connect drivers with maintenance providers in their local area. Maintenance services are listed in categories such as tires and wheels, repair and service, auto trim or body, valet and wash, or spares and parts. Using the application drivers can search for certain providers, request bookings, ask auto-based questions, and more. Properly maintaining your vehicle is an essential safety requirement, plus it can help you to reduce deprecation.

2. Waze

Waze is an app that provides real-time traffic updates and helps you to find alternative routes, if necessary. The app will provide you with alerts about hazards and police, as well as traffic, supporting you to get to your destination faster. Waze allows you to play music, podcasts, and more, plus find the least expensive gas stops. You can integrate the app with Apple CarPlay, and choose from a selection of voices for navigation.

3. Gas Buddy

The GasBuddy app can help you to search for the least expensive gas stations, and improve your fuel economy. Using GasBuddy you can sort gas stations by location, price, or facilities. The app can also help you to monitor your driving habits, offering hints and tips to help you save gas. With the help of the app, you can log gas fill-ups, monitor usage, export for tax purposes, and enter the prize draw.

4. Drivvo

The Drivvo app can help you to manage your refueling, fuel, expenses, and maintenance. It’s essentially a finance managing app for your vehicle. With Drivvo you can manage several vehicles at once, including gas calculations, efficiency reports, to choose the best fuel for your vehicle. When you register your expenses and refueling, you can access handy data about your average consumption. With the help of the Drivvo application, you can also input your service info, whether tire rotations, oil changes, or tune-ups. To keep on top of your maintenance, it’s the perfect solution.

5. FOBO Tire 

FOBO Tire is an application that helps drivers to monitor tire pressure. The app offers several handy features, including tire sensors, 24/7 tracking, and flat tire alerts. Driving with the incorrect pressure could cause an accident, or negatively affect your fuel consumption. With the FOBO Tire app, you can track up to 20 cars, plus share your data with other users. It’s simple to install, with a fast tire rotation process, and simple tire replacement. To stay safe on the roads, FOBO Tire is a great app.

6. Drive Recorder

The Drive Recorder app allows you to use your phone as a dashcam. With the help of Drive Recorder, you can record what happens when you’re on the roads, plus choose which videos to keep or edit. A few of the features include loop recording, automatic recording, back-up to Drive or YouTube, share location, and EnVision integrations. In the event of an accident, a DashCam can be used to provide evidence to support your insurance claim.

7. RoadTrippers

Planning a fun-filled road trip? Then you simply must get the Roadtrippers app. Using the application you can discover millions of cool places, from scenic points to local diners, national parks, and the best hostels. The app has plenty of inspirational guides and the best routes for road tripping adventures. Roadtrippers lets you input seven waypoints, you can also use the app to access custom maps and connect with friends.

8. Drive. fm Car & Home Trivia

An app that’s just for fun, the Drive. fm app provides trivia games that you can play on the roads. Say goodbye to boredom on those long journeys, and entertain your passengers with these hands-free games. With the help of this app, you can learn new things about history, film, literature, music, and more. To make your commute a whole lot more fun, this is the app for you.

When you’re using any app in the car, it’s always important to keep your eyes on the roads. All of the above apps offer hands-free options. As well as these apps, there are plenty more options to support you on the roads. Truck drivers will definitely want to take a look at the top apps for truck drivers, for more specialist support.



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