Used Car Shopping: 3 Crucial Questions To Ask The Seller

It’s too easy to get ahead of yourself when shopping for a car, whether falling in love with a pricey Chevrolet or forgetting to assess a vintage vehicle’s warranty before you buy it. 

And so, once you’ve Googled, used cars [insert your location], found a few car sales companies near you, and arranged a visit. Here are three crucial questions to keep in mind while car shopping to help you decide whether a car is right, affordable, and reliable enough for you. Alongside this, if you’re purchasing a car that’s only a few months old, it’s worth checking the invoice pricing of the vehicle as the dealer could be charging more than the car was worth in the first place.

Can I See The Cars Service History, Manual, And Paperwork?

It’s important to note that not all cars come with a service history. But for those that do, you should be able to view a paper trail that indicates;

  • How many previous owners the car has had
  • Whether the vehicle has been in an accident
  • Receipts from any work completed on the vehicle

The car’s documentation is essentially its history. Alerting you of how well the vehicle has been taken care of and any vehicle issues that keep arising.

The car’s history creates a telling prediction of the expected performance and usage you can get out of the vehicle if you buy it. But, a used car’s future also depends on whether you take good care of it too. Meaning, you must do your part to ensure the vehicle is maintained by filling up the fluids and tires and taking the car for regular check-ups with the mechanic.

Can I Take It For A Test Drive?

The answer to your question should be something along the lines of “of course you can.” But, if the seller refuses to let you drive the vehicle before buying. Seek another reputable car sales business to browse vehicles to avoid the risk of being ripped off from purchasing a car from a seller that potentially doesn’t work!

During the test drive, check the clutch is operating correctly. The vehicle picks up speed without hesitation, and that the brakes and lights are all working.

As an additional tip, turn the radio off while driving to listen to the vehicle and ensure no unusual sounds are coming from the car. 

Does The Car Come With A Warranty?

According to the Federal Trade Commission, sellers should have details of a warranty available to read before making a purchase.

The common parts of the car that are usually covered include the engine and any mechanical issues. But be sure to read through the warranty to determine what it covers before you buy.

Where possible, always try to negotiate to extend the warranty. This will help you cover any extensive car repairs that may appear in the first few months or years of owning it.

As with buying any used car, the ideal situation is to find a vehicle in your budget with an extensive history and a generous warranty from a professional and reliable car sales business. Once you have answers to the three crucial questions above, you can make an informed decision about whether the used car you adore is a smart purchase.


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