Avoid Getting Ripped Off When You Buy A Car

The worst thing about buying a new car is that you often encounter less than honest salespeople. That means there is a reasonable chance you will pay over the odds and waste some of your hard-earned cash. With that in mind, we’re going to offer some tips and advice today that should help you to avoid getting ripped off. 

We’re going to cover both the used and the new market in the hope there is something in this post for everyone. So, if you plan to change your vehicle soon, it makes sense to read the following advice before pushing ahead. 

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Research the model online first

You have a world of information at your fingertips thanks to the internet, and it makes sense to use it wisely! You can research every single model of automobile online these days with little effort. So, be sure you know as much as possible about any car you plan to view before you go to see it!

That way, you will put yourself in the best position to identify a less than honest seller. If you notice them lying about any little detail associated with the model, it’s safe to assume you can’t trust their word on anything else. Information is power!

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Take a mechanic along with you

If you plan to purchase a used car, and you have a friend in the automotive industry, it’s sensible to take them along to the viewing. Any decent mechanic will have the ability to look at an engine and assess it before offering their opinion. So, you should never get ripped off by someone attempting to sell you a car that has something wrong with it. 

If you don’t have any friends in the automotive industry, consider calling a local garage and asking if they can spare a mechanic for an hour. You might have to pay a small fee to cover their time, but it’s better than losing thousands on a dodgy ride. 

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Remove all the optional extras

People who want to purchase a brand new vehicle often end up paying more than necessary due to optional extras. The dealer will attempt to add things onto the bill that you don’t need, and so you have to read the paperwork carefully. 

You can also get a better deal by forcing the dealer to include things for free. For instance, some buyers will agree to pay the asking price for the vehicle if the dealer includes a full tank of fuel, some new mats for the footwells, and a year’s free insurance cover. Maybe you could negotiate something similar?

If you follow the tips and advice from this page, there is no reason you should get ripped off when you next change your car. The same rules apply across the board, and all you need to do is keep your eyes peeled for those dodgy dealers. Don’t worry too much though because research suggests people are happy with their car purchases in around 90% of cases. So, the chances are you won’t encounter any issues.



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