3 Ways To Upgrade Your Garage In Time For Winter

The garage – it’s a place that immediately brings to mind thoughts of overloaded shelves, tumbling with dangerous tools and flammable DIY liquids. Inevitably, the car is probably there too, a workbench, maybe even an old stool for you to sit on and admire your ride. But one thing it most definitely isn’t is comfortable. 

While the summertime meant you could swing open the garage door and get some sunshine and fresh air into what is often a fuel infested room. In the winter, it’s different. It’s too cold and gloomy to open the doors. And the chill quickly sweeps into every corner of your garage, making it almost unbearable to work in or do whatever else you might be getting up to in there. 

So, instead, why not switch up your garage? While it will never realistically resemble anything as clean, cozy, and comfy as your living area. It can be somewhere that’s warm, airy, and comfortable for you to continue your hobbies and avoid family time, deep into the cold winter. And here’s how to do it.


A car turned on in a garage with no ventilation is inevitably detrimental to your health. But now and then, you may need to power it up to test something you’ve changed to the car, which is fine, so long as you have sophisticated ventilation installed. And no, a few holes in the garage door won’t suffice. 

Instead, it would help if you had a Garage Exhaust Fan installed to extract and remove any pollution. If you do this, there’s no need to risk opening your garage door and being attacked by a flurry of wind and snow. Speaking of snow, with a garage door opener conversion, you can connect your garage door to your home automation system to make sure you can shut cold weather out from miles away!


It’s unlikely your garage has a radiator, but come winter, it sure feels like it could do with one. 

While you’re wrestling with your passion for fixing up your car, but the garage is far too cold to bear, it’s tempting to give up and leave your hobby until spring emerges. 

But wait! There’s a solution that might just work – a heater, or three! You can attach them to the roof of your garage. Better yet, you could really go all out and invest in a portable heater to connect to a rolling cage. With a rolling cage, you can move it around the garage wherever you might need it. Take a look at eBay or Amazon; there are plenty here to choose from.


If the heaters aren’t enough to keep you comfortable in your garage out in the thick of winter, look to insulation you can apply to the ceiling and walls. In doing so, you’ll keep the heat from your new heaters circulating the garage, instead of dissipating through the bricks. 

Whether we like it or not, winter is almost here. To prevent giving up your favorite pastime, of making homemade beer in your garage, or fixing up an old banger. Make your garage a place you can be any time of year. With a bit of ventilation and heat, what more could you need?



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