What to do with a damaged car?

It’s not uncommon to go through a situation where you have to deal with a damaged vehicle. Whether the cause was an accident or a natural disaster, dealing with a damaged car is always a hassle.  If you’re currently asking yourself what to do with your damaged car, this article is for you. 

Contact your insurance company 

The majority of drivers are relieved to pay for insurance when they come across a situation where they need to file a claim. Insurance companies will discuss the best alternatives for you when it comes to getting a damaged vehicle repaired. The process can be simple and faster than you imagine so it’s totally worth giving it a try. Insurance companies can take care of the whole process, from evaluating the damage to finding an auto body shop and getting the vehicle repaired. 

Evaluate the total damage

There are countless circumstances in which a vehicle can get damaged. Unfortunately, when the damage is beyond repair and you don’t have insurance coverage, dealing with the problem can be really frustrating, so it’s important to know what to do. Countless factors can play a role in your final decision, such as the car’s model, age and value. Sometimes the damage is limited to the bodywork, which can be worth repairing. However, there are times when important mechanical parts get compromised, so you might think that the best option is to just sell what’s left of the car to the junkyard. That’s not your only or best alternative, considering the fact that junkyards usually pay very little for the remains of a vehicle. 

How to sell a damaged car for a fair price?

In a scenario where the only alternative is to sell your damaged car, there are some tips you should be aware of. First, it’s important to understand about the variety of potential buyers that could be interested in your junk vehicle. Usually people think that their only alternative is the junkyard, but as mentioned above, the junkyard is not the best way to get rid of your junk car, as there are other buyers who will most likely pay more money for it. The advancement of technology allowed the internet to be one of the best choices when it comes to selling unwanted items, so you should give it a try when selling a damaged car. The most popular free platforms that are used for this purpose are Craigslist and Facebook. However, these websites will limit your ad to local buyers, which might make the process take a little longer. If you want to expand your alternatives and reduce the waiting time, you can always offer the vehicle to a nationwide junk car company. These companies specialize in buying vehicles for a fair price and will immediately make an offer on your car. Another advantage of these companies is the fact that they usually don’t charge you to transport the vehicle to their site, which also reduces your expenses selling the car. 

Tips to sell your damaged car faster 

Now that you’ve decided to sell your damaged car and you already know where to sell it, make sure to attract the buyer’s attention and sell it faster. In order to do that, be as informative as you can on the ad, include all the possible details about the repairs that need to be made and an estimate of the total cost. Include pictures of your car and make yourself available to answer any questions from prospective buyers. Follow these tips and you will certainly sell it faster and for a fair price.


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