Are You Invalidating Your Car Insurance?

As a responsible driver, when you get behind the wheel of your car you’re required (by law) to have some sort of auto insurance in place. This insurance protects other drivers – third parties – as well as any damage to their vehicles. If you choose comprehensive cover, then your own injuries and vehicle will also be covered in the event of a road collision. Wondering how to compare car insurance quotes in Australia? Click the link for more information. 

What many drivers fail to understand, however, is the possibility that they could be voiding their own car insurance by failing to reach the standards of their chosen policy. As a driver, you are required to keep your car in a certain condition and drive to a high standard, especially if you need to make a claim on your insurance. 

Want to know if you’re invalidating your car insurance? Read on to find out. 

Failing to notify your provider of modifications 

When you take out a policy or search for an insurance quote, you’ll be asked about car modifications. These modifications can impact the price of your premium and your coverage. Therefore, if you make any kind of changes to your vehicle without notifying your insurance provider, you could void your policy. Modifications to the engine, transmission or mechanics, wheel modifications, brakes and suspension alterations or even paintwork changes mustbe declared. If you’re unsure if you need to mention a modification to your vehicle, then speak with your provider for clarity.  

Intoxicated driving 

If you cause a crash whilst drunk or under the influence of drugs then your policy will no longer stand and you won’t be covered. It really is that simple. If you’re planning on having a drink, even just one, don’t take the risk.

Bonus tip: Drivers should also be wary of prescription drugs, as anything that could influence your reaction time or ability to make good driving decisions could be seen negatively in the event of a crash. Be sure to research and look at reliable information before taking any supplements, drugs, or medications to see how they will affect your ability to drive. 

Your car is not road-worthy 

If your car isn’t safe to drive and it’s not road-worthy, then your insurance probably won’t cover you after a crash. Avoiding this scenario is easy. Simply take good care of your car, ensure that it has regular services when required and drive sensibly to preserve things like your brakes and your gears for as long as possible.

Someone else driving your car

If someone who isn’t on your insurance policy is driving your car and they have a collision, then your insurance is no longer valid. Only drivers who are named on your insurance should be driving your car unless the driver in question has a policy which covers them to drive other vehicles (this would constitute as third-party cover).  

And finally, forgetting to pay your premiums!

We’ve all forgotten to pay a bill at one time or another. Sadly, when it’s your car insurance cover, the consequences can be far-reaching. Always make sure you never miss a payment by paying your insurance payments via direct debit. 



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