How to Be a Defensive Driver

Thankfully, new advances in technology mean that there has never been a safer time to be on the road. This, unfortunately, doesn’t mean that accidents never happen. There’s one thing that technology can’t control and that’s the behavior of the driver. This is your responsibility. There are ways in which being a “defensive driver” can be safer. The important thing to remember is to protect yourself, your vehicle, and your rights.

Always keep your eyes on the road. Minimize all distractions. To be a defensive driver you must look up at the road in front of you. Don’t neglect blindspots or road signs. Slow down at intersections, however tempting it may be speed through and catch that green light. Drivers running red lights are the most common causes of auto-claims on insurance, so it’s not worth those few seconds.

Protect your wallet and your rights. Cars accidents are incredibly costly and you could end up paying out for years. Your rights to drive and license could be taken away, so it’s advisable you stay up to speed with the law. If you’re caught with a suspected DUI, for example, it’s fundamental you contact a lawyer to Save your License from an Ignition Interlock Violation.

Ignition interlock devices are fitted after a DUI offense, which work like a breathalyzer. This is in control of the ignition. Ignition interlock devices act a preventative for repeat DUI offense. The procedure for reinstating your license after having an IID fitted is as follows.

Infographic Design By Save your License from an Ignition Interlock Violation


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