The Ultimate Guide To Taking Care Of Your Car’s Windows

You’ll find plenty of posts online about how to keep your car’s paintwork sparkling, as well as how to detail the interior. However, what such posts often overlook is how to take the best care of the windows and glass elements of your vehicle. Fortunately, you will find a detailed guide on precisely this subject below. Keep reading to find out more. 

Act on repairs fast 

First of all, to take care of your car windows, you must act on repairs as quickly as possible. This is because small chips can easily transform into large cracks. Something that compromises both the safety of the window when driving and can impair your vision. 

The good news is that by finding a reliable service like Metro Auto Glass, you can get any chips in your windscreen or windows repaired quickly. Something that means you can avoid expensive full window replacements later on and make sure that your vehicle is as safe as possible. 

Prevention is better than cure

Next, while it is relatively easy to get small chips and crack in the glass of your car repaired, do remember that prevention is better than cure. In fact, there are several behaviours that you can do that will help to prevent damage to the glass in a vehicle in the first place. 

The first of these is to protect your car from the sun as much as possible. The reason is that the UV rays and heat can weaken the integrity of the glass and cause it to be more susceptible to damage. This means parking it in a garage when not in use. 

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Of course, getting into the habit of parking your car in the garage has additional benefits as well. This is because it will also prevent damage from extreme weather, such as storms to the glass.

Additionally, make sure that you avoid slamming your car doors as well. This is because the vibration from this moment can further impact the glass in your chile and make it more likely to damage easily. 

Use the right products  

You may think that washing up liquid is just the ticket when cleaning your car windows. However, using products that are not designed especially for this purpose can do more harm than good. 

Instead, you need to use a glass cleaner designed primarily for cars. Team this with a microfiber cloth to prevent micro-scratches and damage, and be sure to wash these after each use to keep your glass in tip-top condition.

Get the cleaning process right  

Finally, when it comes to taking care of the glass in your vehicle, you must perfect the process of cleaning. In particular, deal with the outside windows before the inside. 

Also, make sure that you clean the very top of the windows where they fit inside of the car to make a seal, first. Otherwise, you will be dragging dirt and debris around and won’t be able to work the glass to a sparkling finish.



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