Why Are We Getting Worse At Driving? 

As much of an adventure as buying a new car is, it seems that now for those people starting out on their journey on the road, literally and metaphorically, there’s a lot to contend with. Ask anybody that’s been driving for 30 years or more, and it was a more leisurely pastime. Now it is just wall to wall traffic, rush hour (regardless of the time of day), and more idiots on the road. This begs the question, why are we getting worse at driving? Is it something completely widespread, or can we pinpoint a handful of issues?

An Over-Reliance On The Car

This is a valid point, especially due to the numerous functions of a modern vehicle. All cars tend to have a variation of anti-lock brakes, and lane assist these days, which means that we can tend to over-rely on the vehicle to do most of the work for us. But in this respect, we’ve got to work a little bit harder at protecting ourselves. This could be additional protection plans, through companies like Cars Protection Plus, or it could be due to the fact we think our cars are so smart, that we don’t have to do any maintenance or upkeep. The fact of the matter is that all vehicles need the same level of care and attention. It’s about getting into the habit of understanding your vehicle.

Too Many Distractions

Because cars have numerous functions, as well as the little thing of being able to plug your phone into the car, distracted driving is at an all-time high. Ask any car accident lawyer, and they will tell you that the number one cause of accidents is down to the fact that we are distracted even when our eyes are directly on the road. And when you throw into the mix the high volumes of traffic, distractions are so much, and our reaction times need to be so small due to various reasons, it’s not much of a surprise there are more accidents. 

We Take A Risk Once…

If we get away with this, we will try and get away with it again. We start to learn the areas where there is no police presence, or we take the opportunity to speed a little bit more to get to where we’re going. At the fact of the matter is, when we go up the rear end of the car in front of us to intimidate them, we’re not achieving anything. Unfortunately, we take a risk once, and we start to do it more because we can get away with it. This means that we got to find ways of fixing the issues within ourselves. But it’s these bad habits that we learn from along after we’ve passed our driving test and they stick with us for years, or at the very least until we suffer an accident.

It’s a grand statement to make, but there are plenty of people that don’t exercise safety or caution on the road, but what we can do is over time, start to make changes to our driving but exercise more due diligence on the road. Installing a dashcam on our car can begin to catch those terrible drivers.



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