Muscle Up Your Car With These Eye Catching Options

Cars are emotive for some people. The are a reminder of how hard you work and the treat you have given yourself. They can make you feel good when sat in the driving seat, or just spark emotions when it comes to memories like driving a child home from the hospital or a first date with your partner. Some people are quite happy with how their cars look when they drive them out of the dealership, but others like to consider additional ways they can add to the look of their cars. Here are some of the options that you could consider.

Window tints

Your car may have a sporty look and exterior, but is there anything you could do to add a bit of drama? The answer is yes. The back window and passenger windows could be tinted. A window tint could be a little darker than a normal window would be, and this can give your care the edge in terms of exterior styling. Many people consider doing this, as the investment is not massive and it can also work as an extra shade from sunlight for passengers when they are sat in the back and the sun is shining.

Sports and body kits

Another thing to consider would be to add a sports or body kit to your car. This can be around the bumper, the side skirts of the car and at the rear. You could even consider adding a spoiler if that is the sort of look you are going for. It is always advisable to do research to ensure that what you add to the car is compatible with the manufacture, and also inform any insurance company of the modifications so that this can be covered in the event of theft or an accident. They may invalidate your warranty if that is the case.

A change of colour or wrapping

Maybe you want to make a significant change to the look. Perhaps you love the car, but you bought the vehicle second hand so you couldn’t dictate the colour of the vehicle. Then perhaps a complete body colour change and paint job is more your thing. This again would be something that you would need to inform insurance companies of and also change the colour on the registration document, as in the vent of it being stolen the two descriptions won’t match. You could also think of wrapping the body parts in a vinyl, enabling you to choose more options and designs like a matte finish instead of metallic, for example.

Mud flaps

Finally, it may not be as exciting as some of the other modifications mentioned, but you could look at adding mud flaps to your car. They can serve a purpose when trying to keep your car clean and you live in an area that has a lot of road dirt and also stones and rubble. It could help to prevent the paintwork of your car as the mudflaps capture what is brought up from the tyres.

Let’s hope this has inspired you with some of the changes that you could make to your car.


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