These Bad Driving Habits Will Get You In Trouble With The Law

Do you want to get banned from driving?

Do you want to pay a hefty driving fine?

Do you want to spend a night (or longer) in the cells or camper life?

No, of course you don’t, but if you commit to bad driving habits, the chances of you getting pulled over by the police are high. Sure, we all make mistakes sometimes, and good traffic stop etiquette may get you out of too much trouble – check here to learn more – but to avoid the risk of a fine, ban, or a prison sentence, you really do need to curb those driving habits that are either stupid, illegal, or a mix of the two.

Bad Driving Habits

Not slowing down at a yellow light

It’s red to stop, green to go, and yellow to accelerate faster. Right? Wrong! If you have plenty of time to slow down at a yellow light, then you need to. Speeding up because of the inconvenience of having to delay your journey by a few seconds (poor you) could lead to a major collision at the intersection, and no matter your protestations to the police (if you make it out in one piece), you will be at fault for the accident. But whether you cause an accident or not, the police will be hot on your tail if they notice this bad driving behavior.

Ignoring traffic signs

Those traffic signs are there for a reason, so you really do need to pay attention to them. From speed limits to warning indicators, you owe it to yourself to do the right thing and follow the instruction being given to you. Sure, you could tell the police you didn’t know what the signs meant when you passed them by, but this is a poor excuse. Every responsible driver needs to know their Highway Code, so if you are unsure, read this article, so you don’t land yourself in trouble.

Using your phone when driving

Not only will the police (and other drivers) get upset with you when they see you holding your phone while driving, but you are also putting yourself at risk of an accident, as you won’t be entirely focused on the road. If you really do need to use your phone when on the road, invest in a hands-free kit, or pull over somewhere safe to make or answer calls. Your life depends on it, as do the lives of those other people (pedestrians and drivers) who may be at risk of your unsafe behavior.

Drinking and driving

“I’ve only had one drink,” you tell the police officer. But the drink driving limit isn’t based on how many glasses of wine or beer you have had but on your BAC level. There is more information here. So, while you may feel confident getting behind the wheel of your car, the police may take a different view should they pull you over you and give you a breathalyzer test. Our advice is this: don’t risk it! If you are have been drinking, take a cab home or use a designated driver. While you may feel confident behind the wheel, your reaction times may still be off, and you could then be responsible for causing an accident. And that ‘only one drink’ you had could be the reason for somebody else losing their life.


Enjoy driving? Great, but if you follow any of the habits we have showcased, you may not be driving much longer! Do the right thing, follow the law, and in all instances, adhere to safe driving habits, for all of our sakes.


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