Does It Look Right? Putting Your Own Personal Stamp On Your Car

When we are looking at buying a car, we are searching for that extension to our personality. Something about the right car communicates to us that this is not just a method to get from A to B, but is something that we can have an infinite amount of pride in. But when we are limited in our budget, we can feel that extension to our personality shrivelling away. We have to make do with an old banger that looks like it’s been dragged through a hedge backwards, which is not particularly conducive to an extension of our personality! So, what can we do to put our own personal stamp on these sorts of vehicles showplatesexpress?

Fixing The Interior

This is the part you will see the most, so why not make considerable changes to the inside? Now, you don’t need to hang fuzzy dice from the rearview mirror, but if you are looking to spice up your rearview mirror, you can have necklaces, religious icons, good luck charms, and so on! But, the most prominent part of the interior is going to be the seats. Seat covers are incredibly practical, but they can be also be very dull and boring. On there are numerous styles and colours to suit your taste. Custom racing pedals are another little touch, especially striking aluminium alloy style covers.

Shaking Up The Exterior

If you want to personalise your vehicle, a personalised registration plate is a very easy way to make it more you. On sites like, you can put your name on a personalised number plate, and it can add some value to the vehicle, as well as your unique personality. And while you might find you a limited in the choice you have as far as the exterior is concerned, you could very easily change the colour. While getting a new paint job is not the cheapest way to put your own personalised stamp on the vehicle, you could purchase a car wrap that is a combination of colours, which you can fix to the vehicle, and hey presto, it’s a different colour for minimal cost! Be careful with bumper stickers, because they can look particularly tacky, and it’s very easy to get trigger happy with bumper stickers. And if you want to cover your car completely in Disney characters or flowers, maybe it’s worth going for a wrap instead? At least with a wrap, there are an abundance of styles out there to suit most people’s taste. Bumper stickers are incredibly cheap, but they can be a pain to get rid of when you feel you’ve outgrown them.

It’s nice to have our own personal stamp on a vehicle, but there can be ways that we make a complete mess of it. If you want to make a considerable change to your car that communicates your personality, it’s best to do a little bit at a time, rather than going the whole hog and changing the car from top to bottom. Sometimes we can add a little something to the vehicle, but immediately regret it, because it just doesn’t look right…


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