Keep On Truckin’! Is A Truck Better Than A Car?

If you live somewhere that gets harsh winter months, and you are on the lookout for a new vehicle owner do you feel that your car isn’t going to be able to cope? It seems a lot of people out there are choosing a truck over a car, but is this the best option for most of us? Let’s see what the difference is.

The Size Advantage

A course, this is the most obvious place to go first, because if you’ve got lots of cargo (like children!), a truck is always going to be a better option. In fact, lots of people are choosing trucks over cars because they are able to transport family members around easier. On the other hand, is bigger actually better? When you wear this up in comparison to a car, the smaller counterparts has a lower ground clearance and is easier to maneuver. The use of the vehicle ties inexplicably with the size. For example, if you are commuting on a daily basis, are you going to get frustrated with the magnitude of the vehicle over time?

The Cost

Trucks aren’t just bigger, but they come with a bigger price tag. Not only this but if you were to weigh up the cost of an older model truck in comparison to a new car with all the latest features, it is about the same. Not only this but if you are trying to offset the cost by purchasing an older model truck, like the 7.3 powerstroke performance models of Ford diesels, the wear and tear of the vehicle, not to mention the replacement parts can add up in other ways. But, surprisingly, when you compare the insurance costs of a truck to a car, the truck can cost less. This does depend on the insurance company you purchase from, as well as the usual factors that impact insurance rates, but if you were to choose a small or mid-size truck, the insurance could be very affordable indeed!

The Scope

If you’re going to buy a truck to get you from A to B, there might not be much point, but with trucks, you’ve got more scope to go off-road. And as winter is coming, if you live somewhere that’s out of the way, in hilly areas that people can’t get to or from when the snow hits, the truck is going to be an absolute lifesaver. Most modern cars, especially the automatics, can’t drive on a frozen surface, so it makes common sense if you live out of the way to get a truck.

Every truck has its own pros and cons. But when you’re weighing up the benefits of a truck in comparison to a car, size isn’t the only defining factor. Your lifestyle will say a lot about the type of truck you choose. And if you’ve got a lot of supplies to haul around with you, it may be common sense to pick a truck. On the other hand, consider the other aspects in terms of practicality. Cost isn’t everything when buying a truck.


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