Car Gadgets: Are They Teching The Fun Out Of Driving?

“Wow, look at that car, it has all the gadgets and gizmos! I’ll think I’ll upgrade. After all, who can live with the basic model?”

Anyone who has shopped for a new vehicle in the past five years will have played this scenario out in their head more than once. It’s human nature to want the best, most up to date motor on the market. However, it comes at a cost, and not just the price of the added features.

Car technology might be cool but it is taking the fun element out of driving. If you’re a non-believer, have a glance at the following.

The Slack
Quite simply, the new features of modern cars are picking up as much slack as possible. Depending on the vehicle you drive, the AI might do everything from parking itself to stopping without you pressing the brake pedal. And, as we all know, there are self-driving cars which take the wheel while the passenger takes a nap on the way to work. Yes, these are incredible symbols of how far the industry has come but there is no enjoyment for the driver when there is no need to drive. An automatic can be boring enough yet you can multiply it by ten with rearview cameras and motion detectors.

There is no doubt that health and safety are two major elements of modern cars, and they should be because they prevent accidents. However, it seems as if the manufacturers have gone too far the other way in a bid to create the safest car possible. Today, the suspension is high off the ground, the brakes are sharp and the top speed is low. Performance-wise, this means your car won’t go as fast or handle as well thanks to its high chassis base. It’s as if they are just practical machines in today’s society.

Transition Period
Of course, the new safety features are by no means infallible. Anyone who thinks otherwise only needs to remember the Uber crash at the beginning of the year. As technology advances, there will be more kinks which put the driver and passengers at risk. Let’s face it – being involved in an accident isn’t fun. Also, drivers get used to the comfort blanket of the beeps and alarms, so when they don’t work we become sloppy. Not checking your blind spot while pulling out will end up in a collision and it will cost you money. When was the last time you enjoyed forking out a ton of cash?

Cars used to be beautiful. They were sleek and meek yet powerful at the same time. People looked at your motor and thought “that’s a hell of a car!” Now, they’re all very similar. The same goes for the interior and what’s under the hood too. Unless you pick a specific model, everything about the car will be familiar. For enthusiasts, it takes away from the experience, especially as beauty is a huge part of loving cars.

Do you agree or disagree? Is technology taking the fun out of driving?


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