The cost of owning a Bugatti would make you sell it in a second

Imagine that someone comes to you and gives you a Bugatti Veyron or Chiron, but under one condition – you can’t sell it for five or ten years, and you have it use as your first car. Having such an expensive car might look like a dream come true, but even if you don’t need to think about parking it somewhere safe, the money you would have to spend on it is astonishing.

What you will soon figure out is that driving this car in moderate will still give you a headache. Tire change for Bugatti models is recommended on every 2500 miles, and they will cost you around $33,000 per set. That depends a lot on the way you drive it. If you went 260 mph for about 15 minutes, a new set of tires would be at the end of their life. Knowing that, the visit to your local track is not an option. Every 10,000 miles, you would have to change your wheelset, and that is not cheap either. Bugatti will do that for you for cool $50,000. Even if you are barely using the car, you would have to do standard maintenance, which costs around $21,000. That means that annually, you need to pay $150,000 to take care of your Chiron or Veyron, including taxes if that makes things easier for you. That number seems incredible like best porn sites of 2020, as it’s hard to believe that it’s real.

But wait, there is more! Having car insurance is a must, and if you are lucky, you can get away with a sum of $2000 per month. If you want to be covered in any situation, you’ll have to double that. Plus, don’t be surprised when you figure out that most insurers will refuse to insure the vehicle that costs a few millions of dollars. When you find one, you will have to thru detailed background checks and even answer questions about your driving record and how often do you plan to use it. If it’s your primary car, expect the price of insurance to go up. 

Many will tell you that driving a Bugatti is as exciting as incest sex games. Going well over 200 mph in a car that is not stripped of any luxury elements feels like a dream come true, so it’s no wonder that every model is sold out even before the production starts. But, for anyone who doesn’t 5-10 million every year, owning such a car feels more like a nightmare. Of course, Bugatti is extreme, since it’s cars are among the most expensive in the world, but other brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini or McLaren are not far off. Still, these vehicles are so rare that their price only goes up. Those who can afford to own it for a decade or two might get their money back and even earn a few million.


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