5 Habits to Keep Your New Car Pristine

There’s nothing quite like the look and smell of a new car, is there? When you’ve spent a lot of money on a new car, the first week in the car is bliss. It looks stunning as you drive it off the lot, and every time you get into it you are taken aback by the unbeatable new-car smell. That quickly wears off though after a week or so and you notice one morning that you new pride and joy is a total mess. The outside is flecked in dirt, the windows have smudges and smears, and food wrappers, empty cups and screwed up paper litters the dusty interior.

It doesn’t take that long to happen, but it can be prevented by adopting these 5 straightforward habits that will help you keep that pristine brand-new look. Of course, regular visits to a professional car detailing service provider such as Schmicko Melbourne can help a lot, so do not be afraid to seek professional advice if your new car needs some special attention. However, if you follow these next few tips you won’t be disappointed in the results.

Habit 1: Get into detailing or visit a detailer

Learning how to detail your car like a pro is much easier than you think. Not only can you easily get all the products you need from local stores or online, you can also get on YouTube and other social media platforms to get tricks of the trade and easy methods to clean your car until it comes up shining to showroom quality. If you don’t want to build you own detailing hobby/habit then you could always encourage yourself to set aside a little time each week to visit a local auto detailing shop and get it done there. A small expense is worth having a clean and tidy car that projects the right image, and also is a healthy and safe environment for you and your passengers.

Habit 2: Keep garbage bags in the car

Another great habit is to keep some garbage bags in the glove box so you can rip one off and fill it with garbage that easily accumulates. You could do this once a week if the buildup is slow, or every other day if you have a car full of kids, relatives and colleagues who leave more behind. It’s a simple step to take, but will save you from the hell of a big cleanout, as well as the unpleasant side effects of left-over trash, including smells, stains and more.

Habit 3: Wipe down surfaces at least once a week

One more handy item to keep in your glove box is a set of anti-bacterial wipes, perhaps Clorox or a similar brand. You can use them to wipe the dash, steering wheel and other interior surfaces to get rid of the everyday dust, dirt and grime that naturally builds up whether you like it or not. You don’t have to be a messy person for your dash to get dusty, but wipes will help you keep it under control, as well as sanitize the surfaces making them safer and cleaner for other drivers in the family and for the passengers.

Habit 4: The “one thing in, one thing out” rule

If you’re one of those people forever loading things into the car but never taking things out, then you’re not only messing up the interior, but also overloading the vehicle. Overloading can bring its own negative effects, such as reduced fuel efficiency and impacts on handling. The best policy is to maintain a “one thing in, one thing out” rule for your car. If you’re loading something into the trunk, then take something else out, especially if you don’t need it. The only thing you should keep consistently in the trunk is your emergency kit.

Habit 5: Summon a detailer!

If all else fails, and you are in need of a habit that trumps them all for convenience and ease of keeping up, then you can’t beat a mobile detailing service. A mobile detailer will provide you with a professional-quality cleaning and detailing of your car’s interior and exterior, but more than that, they’ll do it at your home or office! An old idea made new, you can now enjoy all the benefits of detailing without having to purchase products or lift a finger (except to pay the detailer, of course). 

That fantastic look that attracted you to the car in the first place is no accident or mere coincidence. It takes good habits and a bit of elbow grease occasionally. The fortunate thing is that you don’t have to apply that elbow grease yourself, thanks largely to the flourishing world of auto and mobile detailing. Stay safe (and clean) on your drive!


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