Kia UVO Now Works with Google Assistant

At the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, Kia announced the addition of UVO Agent for compatible Kia vehicles, which allows Kia owners to interact with the Google Assistant on their phones or Google Home to execute a variety of remote commands. The Kia integration with the Google Assistant is now available for use in the following Kia vehicles with compatible UVO hardware; the 2018 Niro PHEV, Soul EV, Optima PHEV and K900.

The UVO Agent can be easily set up through the Google Assistant or Google Home app. Simple voice commands are all that’s needed to control your compatible Kia model and allows the user to access a variety of functions. Commands include, “Tell UVO to start my Soul EV,” or “Tell UVO to lock my Niro.” UVO Agent features include Remote Start/Stop Engine, Remote Climate Control, Remote Charge Start/Stop, Remote Horn and Lights and Remote Lock.

The Google Assistant can provide real-time answers, activate streaming music services, smart home devices, and now, smart car and connected car technology allowing for seamless connectivity directly into Kia vehicles. The Google Assistant is available on select Android phones, select Apple iPhone, smart speakers like Google Home and more.

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  • CES 2018 says:

    […] touch with us, whether it’s because they are reading our vitals, or integrating with our phones/AI-powered assistants. For example, car brand Kia is now pairing with Google Assistant to start or stop the engine, […]

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