How to Prevent Scratches on Your Car

Your car is a big purchase- even if you dont have a particularly new or fancy car, chances are you still spent a significant chunk of money on it. So it makes sense that you’d do what you can to look after it, and that involves protecting the bodywork and keeping it free of scratches. Here are just a few ways you can go about that. 

Use the right Cleaning Products

When your car is looking a little dirty it’s tempting to head down to the automatic car wash, but they can cause scratches with their harsh brushes and strong cleaning agents. Instead, handwash your car using a soft microfiber cloth and mild soap. Rinse the cloth regularly to prevent debris buildup. The right tools and products will protect your paint, have a search online for tips first if you’re new to hand car washing. 

Maintenance Matters

There are things you can to do keep your car’s paint from getting scratched as easily. Consider investing in ceramic coating– this is really protective for your car’s pain. It makes it more resistant to scratches as well as other environmental damage like bird droppings and tree sap. Clear vinyl wraps are another option, these add an extra layer to shield against scratches and stone chips and you can get tons of great colours and effects much more cheaply than a new paint job. 

Mindful Driving

Your car can easily pick up scratches and damage when you’re out and about driving. Be mindful and take steps like keeping a safe distance from the car in front to avoid debris being kicked up. Avoid construction zones and gravel roads whenever possible to minimize potential scratches.

Regular Inspection and Prompt Repairs

Regularly check your car for scratches, no matter how small. You can sometimes address minor scratches yourself to prevent them from getting worse by investing in quality touch up paint to fix small scratches. Anything bigger will need to be tackled by a car bodyshop, while this can be pricey it’s worth doing before they lead to rust and corrosion. This will make your car look much less appealing and reduce the value too. 

Avoiding Overcrowded Parking Areas

Overcrowded car parks increase the risk of scratches. Squeezing into tight spots can result in accidental collisions, on windy days especially people’s doors can blow over when they get out of their car and that will lead to a bump on yours if you’re parked nearby. It can be worth choosing less crowded areas, even if it means a bit more walking. Typically in car parks there are more spaces further away from the shop or building you’re parking at, and a few more steps can be the difference in hundreds of pounds worth of repairs. Taking this extra step can save you from discovering new scratches on your car. It can also make it easier to get back out of the car park, reducing the risk of bumping anyone as you leave.



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