How to Keep Your Car Safe When Parked at the Airport

Depending on where you live in the US, getting to the airport might be more of a struggle than you’d imagine. If you live in New York City, you could easily get the JFK Airport car service, or even take the subway (or a bus) to and from the airport. The same goes for other major cities in the US, too, such as Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, and so on. 

However, with that said, it’s not like that everywhere. If you’re living in small cities or more rural areas such as Lexington, Kentucky, you can count on public transport and utilizing ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft to be more obsolete. Yes, sometimes when you have a flight to take, and you just can’t get a ride from anyone (especially if you live hours away), you essentially have no choice except to use your car and have it parked at the airport parking garage. 

But while you’re away from home, such as work trips, vacations, or even a small weekend getaway, you’re going to have your car on your mind. You’re going to worry about it; think about how the condition might be when you come back and any potential dangers that could happen to it while it’s at the parking garage. While you can’t prevent everything from happening to your car while you’re away, you can still do some things to avoid any issues. So, here’s everything you need to know to keep your car safely parked at the airport. 

Look In Advanced How Secure the Parking Lot Facility Is

For the most part, you can expect airport parking lots to be secure, even small rural ones. In general, it’s just best to opt for reputable and secure airport parking facilities. For the most part, just about every airport offers some type of a range of parking options, including covered garages, valet services, and long-term lots with surveillance. Since all airports vary, you’ll need to research and choose a facility that aligns with your security preferences and budget.

Look into Booking in Advance

In order to ensure a parking spot and potentially access a nice discounted rate, it’s going to be ideal to consider booking your parking space as far in advance as you’re able to. So, why do this? Well, this not only guarantees you a spot but also allows you to plan for the most secure and convenient parking option available. Depending on the airport itself, there’s always a chance that the more secured spaces get filled up, and by all means, you’re going to want to avoid that. 

Park in Well-Lit Areas

This isn’t just about airports, but this is everywhere you park your car. If you park your car in a well-lit area, that alone immediately decreases the chances of anything bad happening to it. When you arrive at the airport parking lot, choose a well-lit area. For the most part, you can count on a well-lit space acting as a deterrent to potential thieves and providing additional security for your vehicle. 

Since there’s a lot of light, CCTV footage can catch them, plus people will easily see what they’re going to. So, look for areas that are visible from security cameras and pedestrian traffic. You can never go wrong when doing that. 

Always Remove All Valuables

This is a tip that’s been given out for ages when it comes to parked cars, and just because there’s security at an airport doesn’t instantly mean that your car won’t be at risk. So, before leaving your car, remove all valuables from plain sight. You’ll need to hide or remove all electronics, important documents, and any items that might attract unwanted attention. You can stow valuables in the trunk or, better yet, leave them at home to eliminate the risk of theft.

Consider Installing a Steering Wheel Lock

You’ll want to invest in additional security measures, such as steering wheel locks. So, why do this? Well, these sorts of devices act as a visible deterrent and make it more challenging for would-be thieves to drive away with your vehicle. Many steering wheel locks are easy to use and provide an added layer of protection. When your car is unattended, the more protection, the better. 

Consider Getting a Car Cover

Have you ever walked around a parking garage and seen a car covered up or have something obstructing the view from the inside, such as a windshield cover? While these are usually to avoid dust accumulation or UV rays from getting into the car, these are the only two purposes. Some folks actually use these to deter vandals. 

If you think about it, if you can’t see what’s in the car, you’re not going to be as interested. Plus, a cover adds an extra layer of security and keeps your car in pristine condition, especially during longer trips when it might be exposed to varying weather conditions. Even in a parking garage, cars can still be subjected to harsh elements.



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