The 5 Places You Should Be Looking When Buying A Used Car

For many people, buying a used car instead of a new one is one of the best ways to save money on transportation. Nowadays, it’s also easier than ever to find great deals on pre-owned cars that are just as reliable as newer models. The trickiest part is finding a good deal. There are several common places where people look for used cars, such as from family and friends, auto dealerships, and even junkyards. Read on for more information about where you should be looking when buying a used car.

Check Out Used Car Dealerships

If you’re in the market for a specific make or model of car, a great place to start the search for used cars is at the local used car lots. Used car dealerships are a great place to find deals on used cars due to the volume of vehicles they sell, which allows them to negotiate lower prices on the cars. Most used car dealerships will have a selection of pre-owned vehicles in all price ranges, so carefully look through their inventories to find the right fit for your budget. Once you’ve found a few used cars you’re interested in, schedule a test drive. Taking a used car for a test drive is just as crucial as a brand-new car. You want to be sure that you’re comfortable driving the vehicle and that the engine sounds and usually operates.

Auto Auctions

Local auctions are another great place to find affordable used cars. There are various types of auctions, including for repossession vehicles, vehicles seized by law enforcement, and even cars donated to charities. Auction houses are typically open to the public, and online auctions allow you to bid on vehicles from the comfort of your home. Before you attend an auction, research your options to ensure you know what to expect and brush up on tips for bidding on vehicles at auction. And don’t forget to check the vehicle’s title to ensure there aren’t any liens or delinquent payments listed. You don’t want a car that someone else still technically owns!

Social Media Selling Pages

Another great place to look for used cars is on social media selling pages. There are various social media sites where individuals can post information and pictures about their used vehicles, including Facebook Marketplace. These selling pages are great for finding any car, including ones you might not find at dealerships or auctions. Just like with the other places where you can find used cars, you’ll want to carefully read the descriptions of the vehicles being sold and ask questions if you have them. Don’t be afraid to walk away from a deal if something seems fishy, but do your research, so you know what to look out for.

Craigslist And Other Online Classifieds

Craigslist and other online classifieds are great places to find used cars. Online classifieds often have lower fees than traditionally used car dealerships, which means you might be able to find some great deals. Online classifieds are also a great place to find specific car models or classic cars, which often can’t be found at dealerships or auctions. Like with other sites, you can find used cars; make sure to carefully read the descriptions of the vehicles being sold and ask as many questions as you need to feel confident in your purchase. To be extra careful when buying a used car from an online seller, consider visiting the seller in person or having the vehicle inspected by a mechanic. You don’t want to be stuck with a car with significant issues that the seller didn’t disclose, so be sure to take precautions to protect yourself.


Buying a used car can be a great way to save money on transportation while still getting a reliable ride. If you’re in the market for a pre-owned vehicle, look at different places to find used cars, including car dealerships, auctions, and online selling pages like Craigslist.



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