4 Myths About Buying Used Cars

When you are on the market for a new car, one of the best ways to go about getting one is to look at used vehicles. There are lots of reasons why someone might choose to go for a used car. It can often be less expensive than going for a brand new car, but you can still get a good quality vehicle, and it can be an easier process in many ways. But not everyone is convinced. There are a lot of ideas floating around about buying a used car, and it is helpful to take a look at these every once in a while and determine how true they really are. In this article, we are going to do just that, taking a few of the common myths about buying used cars and putting them to the test.

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The Depreciation Is Just As Bad

This is an idea that you hear occasionally about used cars. But the fact is that it is simply false. Actually, a new car is always going to depreciate in value much more quickly, and more significantly, than any used car will. A used car will depreciate as well, of course, but nowhere near to the same degree, and you will find that very often going for a used car proves to be better long-term value for that reason. The depreciation of a new car, however, can often leave people upset over just how much money they have spent, with often around a third or half of the value disappearing the moment they drive the car away from the showroom. If you want a better value overall, used cars are often the better way to go.

Private Sellers Give You A Better Deal

You will often hear the idea that those who are selling privately will always give you a better deal on a used car. However, this is not necessarily the case. It is often the case that a dealership will still be the best place to go if you want to pick up a used car, and you will find that many of their prices can be surprisingly good compared with a lot of private traders. If you are browsing used cars, you will definitely want to keep your options open and look at dealerships just as much as you look at private sellers, as you can never be quite sure where you are going to get your best deal from.

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All Used Cars Have Big Problems

Again, if you have this idea being carried around in your head, then you are not alone, but it is ultimately false. While there is always a risk buying any car – new or used – it is unfair to suggest that all used cars have problems. For one thing, people don’t only sell their old cars because they have problems, but for all sorts of other reasons. They might have wanted to upgrade after receiving a pay rise, or they might have needed to get a bigger vehicle upon having children, or any other things besides. To say used cars necessarily have problems is untrue. You should always make sure that you have checked it over, of course, but generally you are not going to run into more problems than you would with a normal new car, as long as you are careful.

You Need Good Credit

A lot of people worry that they need to have a good credit rating if they are going to buy a used car, but again this is not really necessarily the case. It is much truer to say that you are going to be able to buy a used car in a variety of ways, and one of those ways might well be that you want to take out a loan. If that is so, good credit is obviously going to be a help, but you still have options if you don’t have good credit to your name. For instance, there are a number of bad credit loans out there that you could get a hold of – or you might try to pay another way. However you do it, you don’t need good credit to buy a used car – and certainly not more than you would for buying a brand new car.

As you can see, these myths simply don’t hold water. If you are thinking about buying a used car, you can expect it to be a simpler and more straightforward process than these ideas would suggest.


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