What To Do When You Are At Fault In A Collision

Car accidents occur all the time and can be caused by the simplest distractions while on the road, even if it’s just a quarter of a second. Statistics show that over 5 million car accidents have occurred in 2022 alone. Just as another driver may be capable of hitting your car, you could do the same to other drivers. So, what do you need to do if you’re at fault for a collision with another car? It’s not the ideal situation, but there are some smart steps you need to take. 

  1. Do not leave the scene

The biggest mistake you can make when you’re the cause of an accident is to leave the scene. This is an illegal act that could lead to an arrest and charges. In many cases, you may spend some time behind bars. Understandably, accidents can be extremely traumatic for drivers, and in haste, they may decide not to stop after it has occurred. Sometimes, you might not even know you’ve caused an accident. Nonetheless, it wouldn’t prevent you from getting charged. 

However, there are some cases where you would have to leave the scene of an accident. For example, it might have happened in an isolated area with poor reception, so you need to look for the nearest commercial or residential area to call for help. Or, if there’s a chance of an explosion or fire, it would be better to move away from the crash site. Whatever the case is, be sure to be around the scene of the event. Even when you have to move away, ensure you are within the vicinity and wait for help to arrive. You can only leave when you’ve provided a statement to the police and have been permitted to leave. 

  1. Call for help

When you’re involved in an accident, you must check yourself and other parties for signs of any injuries. You must call emergency services as quickly as possible, especially when someone requires immediate medical attention. You must also call the police, who will send an officer to write a report and determine who is at fault, in this case, you. The police will question you and ask you for a brief statement. Your statement should include facts like where the accident took place and who might own your vehicle. Do not admit it or apologize even if you know you were at fault. Upon investigation, the other driver might also be partially at fault for the collision. Note: In another scenario, if you get into an accident and this time, the fault is of the other party ; you have the right to file for personal injury claim. In most cases, the defendant party pays for your medical bills, but sometimes the insurance party denies claims based on certain technicalities. This not only puts in pressure, ,but also leaves the medical providers with nothing and all their hard work goes into vain. To help them, you can share this link www.sigalovfirm.com/no-fault-collections/ with them and let them know about no-fault attorneys who can help them seek the compensation they deserve.

  1. Contact an auto lawyer immediately

Once you’ve been cleared to leave the accident scene, you must reach out to a professional auto accident lawyer. They will help you by walking you through your legal options, conducting an independent investigation, communicating with your insurance company, and defending you at trial if your case gets there. 

Accidents are scary. But they happen, and you could be at fault one day. It’s better to be prepared and armed with knowledge on what to do when that ever happens.


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