Steps to Take When Selling Your Car

Selling your car can feel like a daunting task. It’s often something that we put off until the very last minute.

Many of us have no idea what our vehicles are worth, where to sell it, and what to check before we put it up for sale.

Gone are the days where all you had to do was put a sign on your vehicle saying ‘buy my car’. Nowadays, most cars are sold online or via professional car dealerships.

If you’d rather sell your car privately than through a car-buying website or dealership, there are a few key steps that you need to take. Following the steps below will make things as easy as possible for you.

Determine the Market Price

As a private seller, the asking price of your car is your choice. You can ask for as much or as little as you like but if you want the best chances of selling your vehicle, it’s best to stick around the average market price for vehicles of the same model.

Take a look at how much second-hand cars like yours have sold for in the last few months. Also have a look on car dealership websites to determine how much they are charging for the same model. This will give you a good starting point to identify an asking price for your own car.

Thoroughly Check Your Vehicle

To successfully sell your car privately, you will need to have all of the relevant information to hand so that you can be open with potential buyers.

When you sell a vehicle, you are legally and morally obliged to disclose any faults within the vehicle as well as its general information, such as mileage and features.

If you know what you’re doing, thoroughly check every area of your car. This means checking the fluid levels, engine, brake pads, and electrical circuits in the car.

Understandably, you may not know how to check everything inside your car. If so, take your car to a mechanic and get it fully serviced to identify any potential faults with the car’s mechanics.

If major faults are found, you will need to fix these before putting your car up for sale. For minor damages or scrapes on your car, you can either fix them before selling or leave them and sell your car at a lower price. You will need to make these faults very clear when selling your car to potential buyers.

Advertise the Car

Once you have fixed any damages and give your car a good clean, you will need to take photos of your car, including the interior and exterior of the vehicle. You can use these photos in your online advertisement.

Alongside lots of high-quality photos, your online listing should include as much information about the car as possible and your asking price.

There is a wide variety of websites that you can use to advertise your car, like buyyourcar, and you can also use social media platforms, such as Facebook Market Place.




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