4 Tips to Help You Earn The Most Cash from Your Old/Unwanted Car

Do you know that your old and unused car can help you earn some quick cash? All you have to do is contact a junk or scrap car company to pay you for taking your car away!

If you have a car sitting in your driveway or garage catching dust for years, maybe it is time to make one last use of it and then sell it its scrap materials for cash. You can sell your old cars for instant money without worrying about their depreciation value or damages. 

So if you want to earn the most cash for your unwanted car, the following tips might help you out! 

Tip 1: Prove that it is Your Car

The first thing a junk car buyer will look for is proof of car ownership. You must share all ownership details with the buyer to ensure a legitimate transaction. 

There have been fraudulent instances where some people seek revenge by sending someone else’s car to the junkyard without any authorization or tried to dispose of a vehicle used to commit illegal activities. So before approaching a junk car buyer to earn from your scraps, keep your ownership details, driver’s license, registration documents, etc., handy.

Tip 2: Conduct a Little Research on Your Car’s Scrap Value

Research can help you to not get fooled by technical jargon that a buyer can give you to undervalue your car. Remember, each of your car’s scrap parts are dismantled and checked to see what is working and how much scrap metal it will end up with, this will decide the real value.

So how to evaluate your junk car’s worth? You can start by checking its build online to know more about its estimated cost. There are various online resources such as car valuation websites to help you. Add in your car’s data to know how much you can expect in return for selling it to a scraping company. You can find a rounded figure of your car’s scrap worth and plan accordingly by adding the approximate values. 

Many scrapping companies also provide this service for free by offering you an estimated figure for your car’s value. So make sure to go for a buyer with the best junk car evaluation benefits. 

Tip 3: Be Transparent About Your Car’s Usage

When selling a junk car for scraps, it is crucial to be transparent while sharing details of the automobile. This way the buyer can help you with the most accurate value they can offer you. 

Their questions will usually include:

  • How frequently have you used your car in the past?
  • How old is your car? 
  • Did it incur any lasting damage from an accident?
  • Did you change or modify any parts of your car?
  • Which parts of it are still intact and running?
  • Do you have any extra scrap car part materials to sell?

By providing the most accurate answers for these, you can well-ensure the highest offer for your car’s scrap value. 

Tip 4: Get the Opinion of an Expert 

Before making a transactional decision, you should understand what the experts think is the best for your car. 

There are some great car scrap companies that offer you the valuation and cash on the first visit. These companies come to your doorstep, give you an estimate for your car, and offer car removal services and upfront cash. So check out the estimation from such companies before selling to them.

If you are from Australia, you are in luck. Sydney has one of the best services that provide fair and upfront cash for unwanted cars in Sydney. To know about the process, click and get more info here.


So can your junk and unused car make you some profitable cash returns? Absolutely! All you have to do is follow the above simple tips and ensure that you get the best deal for your car’s scraps!


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