5 Reasons Why AMG Body Kits Are The Best For Your Car

Movies and TV shows frequently make us think that car tuning is necessarily extreme; that it always consists of flashy colors and lights, giant spoilers and wheels, aggressive body kit, and large bottles of nitrous oxide in the cabin. The truth, however, is that there is much more to explore in this topic.

AMG body kits are designed to make Mercedes Benz cars much better with only a fraction of such complexity. This article is going to discuss that topic while showing five explicit reasons why, if you are looking for options to tune your car, those parts are the most reliable initial point you can find.

#1: High design quality

Car tuning is about improving the original vehicle, rather than changing it. Body kits, spoilers, even engine tune ups have to respect the base character, otherwise the result will show conflicting ideas and that causes that impression of “too much information” which we all hate to see in any product.

AMG is continuously working to reach the balance between the two core characteristics of its work: developing a brand of its own and respecting the individual traits of each Mercedes Benz car. Body kits are a great chance to observe that because of the subtle visual differences between each one.

#2: Perfect overall integration

You know when you get a generic remote for your TV or an aftermarket infotainment system for your car and they do not work quite as you would like? Putting together products made by entirely different companies may present compatibility issues which often end up limiting their functions.

AMG parts are designed along with the Mercedes Benz cars which will be able to receive them, so that problem simply does not exist here. If you get a genuine spare part, like an AMG Line body kit, rest assured that it is going to fit perfectly, especially if installed at a professional establishment.

#3: The highest build quality

Mercedes Benz is one of the global references when it comes to production quality. AMG would never earn a chance to cooperate with it so closely if it did anything less than perfectly match such standards. One of the best distinctions an AMG body kit has is, precisely, its top-notch build quality.

In practice, that means you are going to obtain components which use the best materials available in the market and were subjected to severe tests so as to simulate their regular use over time and identify any problems there might be. They are a great investment in your car’s comfort and safety.

#4: Huge variety of parts

Over the years, AMG’s operations underwent an impressive expansion process. It currently works on almost all urban Mercedes Benz cars and offers at least two levels of car tuning for each one of them: the AMG Line package of visual items, and the AMG variation with deeper enhancements.

The best consequence of that for customers is that there are many, many options of AMG parts to browse and select. Body kits are a great example of that because each of those tuning levels was designed with one. If you are working on an existing vehicle, you can tune it to the extent you want.

#5: They are available on Mercteil

Mercteil strives to offer you nothing but the best in Mercedes Benz parts, so it goes without saying that we have a wide variety of AMG body kits available. You can choose entire kits or browse only the individual accessories you may want. Besides that, every single one of them is genuine as usual.

Our website has the complete catalogue of what we offer. While the number of options is really big, it is easy to browse because we use a filtering system: you can visualize only the AMG parts of a given type or even concentrate on what we have that is compatible with your specific Mercedes Benz car.

This article shows you that, next time you want to execute a project to tune up your car, AMG body kits are the best option when it comes to design. Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions here and make sure to visit Mercteil’s catalog. We know it will give you many ideas to improve your car.



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