Why Do DevOps Engineers Need to Accomplish Microsoft AZ-400 Certification Exam?

There are times in your career when you feel the need to step up and embrace new challenges. DevOps engineers, for one, may contemplate advancing their skills to keep them on top of the competition. And if you’re looking for the most effective and practical way to highlight your skills, consider achieving the Microsoft 70-410 exam and obtaining a lauded technical certification.

What is the Microsoft AZ-400 exam all about?

Candidates for the AZ-400 exam aim to validate their knowledge in designing and implementing key Microsoft DevOps solutions. Through the exam, it demonstrates your capability in working with the ins and outs of Azure, including implementing strategies, working with people, and delivering business value. More than that, the test takes on your expertise in collaboration, source control, infrastructure, security, and the like.

A detailed summary of the topics is expounded in the skills outline. You can find this file on the official Microsoft 70-764 , so don’t forget to utilize this material when preparing for the exam.

What are the core prerequisites?

Before pursuing the exam, there are certain requirements neededto be accomplished beforehand. Two certifications serve as prerequisites, and these are Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate and Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate. You may choose from one of the options offered so you will be permitted to the next stage. Meanwhile, candidates must also ensure that they are already adept with the technicalities of both Azure development and administration.

What are the benefits of passing the exam?

Now, going back to the main topic, the Microsoft 70-741 is highly beneficial for DevOps engineers in a lot of ways. We’ve gathered the reasons why you should add this to your priority list as soon as possible. 

• Apt for your career advancement

First and foremost, completing the exam successfully means that you become a Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert. Transforming into a certified professional allows you to thrive in your career. It gives you a solid background in both Azure administration and development, which is why many individuals opt to dive into this certification journey to improve their technical aptitude.

• Unfolds a series of remarkable opportunities

A DevOps engineer with a Microsoft 70-742 is relatively more appealing than candidates with just a lengthy work experience. Employers see people with certifications as notable assets who can work efficiently and deliver tasks effectively. Accordingly, this gives you a wide range of opportunities, wherein you can apply your expertise in various areas. 

• Enjoys better pay

But of course, your sacrifices won’t be put to waste because having a certification gives your salary a boost. In general, a DevOps Engineer can earn around Microsoft 98-366  per year, according to the latest ZipRecruiter data. But if you have successfully become a Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert, then you can expect a higher rate.


So, if you’re eyeing a relevant addition to your professional career, don’t think twice and start preparing for the Microsoft MS-300 . Once you clear the test and eventually earn its certification, it’s easy for you to establish a solid career as a DevOps engineer expert.



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