3 best economical cars in Brisbane in 2022

Well, when it comes to car selection, everyone has their own idea that which car would be best, however, there is no such a best car! Every car has some advantages and disadvantages. In fact, you should consider some of the things for selecting a suitable car that contains:

your budget

your needs

and your location

in this article you will be familiar with the suggested and economical cars in Australia so keep reading and enjoy…

To make things worse, it’s estimated that Australians spend, on average, $150 a month on petrol, which works out to just under $2,000 a year on fuel. Choosing an economical car can have a drastic impact on your fuel costs, with some of the most economical vehicles on the market in Australia having the potential impact of slashing your fuel bills by a third, or even in half, depending on what you’re driving.

So, here are the all-time most fuel-efficient cars, not including electric vehicles available in Australia.

So, here are the all-time most fuel-efficient cars, not including electric vehicles available in Australia.

1- Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Fuel Economy: from 4.7L/100km (combined)
Price: from $41,000 Driveaway

If you really want to bring down your fuel consumption, you need to go hybrid. A combination of electric and internal combustion engine (ICE) power makes for an incredibly smooth and economical driving experience, and the Toyota RAV4 does it oh so well.

It’s the best-selling SUV in Australia and for very good reason. Smooth, quiet, good-looking and boasting plenty of room for the whole family, it’s a killer package.

2- Hyundai Ioniq PHEV

The Hyundai Ioniq PHEV has an estimated electric range of 63km, making it suitable for most car users needs in Australia.

But the PHEV also has internal combustion engines to power the wheels and to charge its batteries and is backwards in coming forwards with included tech.

From Apply CarPlay/Android Auto to Autonomous Emergency Braking and pedestrian detection, blind-spot monitoring and lane assistance, The PHEV is sure to please.

3- Mitsubishi Outlander

For you SUV lovers out there it’s hard to go past the Mitsubishi Outlander in terms of fuel efficiency. The Mitsubishi Outlander consumes 8.1l/100km combined. It’s a wonder how such a big SUV can be so fuel efficient.

One of the world’s first hybrid SUV’s, the Outlander comes with a 2.2L intercooled turbo diesel engine, 6 Speed Automatic, Keyless Start, All Wheel Drive, Dual Zone Air Con, Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning and so much more.

The Mitsubishi Outlander will save Aussie’s an average of $620 per year.

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