Tips for Taking Car Accident Scene Images

After a car accident, no matter how minor, parties must take images of the scene and the resulting damage. Proper documentation of the collision helps prove damages and fault. An accident attorneymay help build a case, but motor vehicle accident victims deserve to understand how to create a solid foundation for their legal case using photos of the scene.

Overall View

Snapping images of the overall scene of the accident paints a general picture of what happened. Those involved should take several images from different angles, but they need not worry about focusing on the details.

Damaged Vehicles

After painting a picture of the overall view of the accident scene, it’s time to take detailed images of the damage all vehicles sustained in the accident. Specific details to note include broken glass, scratches, leaking fluids and damage to the inside of vehicles.

Traffic Signals and Lights

To fill in the blanks, it makes sense to take pictures of traffic signals and lights around the accident scene. This includes stop signs, yield signs and other traffic indicators.

All Vehicles

Car crash victims should capture images of all vehicles involved in the collision. Specifically, it’s good to note vehicle positions and their proximity to other cars.


Because inclement weather may cause an accident, it’s a good idea to take pictures of the sky on the day of the accident. The at-fault party could blame the accident on weather conditions, and taking images of the sky could either support or refute that claim.

Damaged Objects

If a motor vehicle accident damages guardrails, traffic signs, trees and other stationary objects, it’s a good idea to snap images of them.

Insurance Cards and License Plates

Aside from writing the license plate numbers of all vehicles in the accident, parties should take pictures of license plates. They should also take images of everyone’s insurance cards.

Road Conditions

Poorly maintained roads may cause car accidents, so it makes sense to take pictures of the road where the collision happened. Parties involved in the accident should also document skid marks, road debris, potholes and all other signs of damage on the road.


Individuals involved in a car crash should take pictures of the injuries they sustainedas well as the injuries all other parties sustained. Not only may a legal representative need these images, but a physician could, too. 

A picture could become worth more than a thousand words in a car accident. Knowing how to capture those words and their meaning could become essential to a legal case.



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