8 Must-Have Gadgets and Accessories for Your Long Distance Travels

Road trips are some of life’s most amazing experiences. But just like any travel adventure or getaway, planning and preparation play a key role in making sure everyone on the trip has a stress-free and memorable time.

From rooftop car tents to standard phone holders, there are many car gadgets available on the market to help ensure your next road trip is oh so memorable, smooth, and fun. 

So get behind your seats and fasten your seatbelts, as we explore eight must-have gadgets and accessories you’ll need for all your long-distance travels. 

Magnetic Car Mount

A car phone holder is one of the first accessories you’ll need to get for all your road trips. Buy a car phone holder with a magnetic air vent, this feature will keep your phone safe as it has no adhesive residue.

This elegant and resourceful phone holder can hold your phone securely, either horizontally or vertically as you drive. It also comes in a slim design that won’t eat too much space in your vehicle.

This will enable you to drive more safely as it will give you access to all the apps you may require on your trip. You are also able to see incoming calls without having to pick your phone up.

Item Locator

There’s now a solution for you if you have a tendency to lose multiple items now and then. You can now use an item locator which you can also find in truck accessories utah. An item locator can be attached to any item you don’t want to lose and keep tabs on.

For instance, the Tile Mate item locator lets you track things when you lose them and don’t know where to find them. It’s able to track items about 200 feet away by using Bluetooth by linking it to your cellphone.

It even takes it a step further and shows you a blueprint of where your item was when you left them there and also tells you the time you left the items there. If your phone goes missing, you can even press a button on this device twice and it will cause your phone to ring even if your phone was left on silent.

Car Dash Cam

You also need a high quality and convenient camera, that can record your car’s interior as well as the road in front of you. If you like you can buy an external GPS module for the dashcam. This addition will give you information about your vehicle’s speed, GPS location, driving route, and all other additional data you may require.

This is all saved on a microSD card that you can use to access, share or download whenever you want to. 

In addition to this, it comes in handy even if you are driving in foggy weather or during the night. The front camera will capture clearly visible images because of its night vision mode.

Radar Detector

A radar detector can help you drive safer rather than faster, it’s designed to alert you about how fast you’re going without being stopped by the police and getting a hefty fine. A radar detector that’s high quality and priced well is useful for every kind of road trip, both long and short.

In addition to this, a radar detector lets you know if any potential threats are lurking around you. This is because it comes with 360-degree protection and GPS. 

Another cool feature is that it comes equipped with a police scanner that will let you know if police are nearby. So if you want to be completely aware of traffic lights, speed limits, and the road ahead, this item will do the job for you.

Car Charger

When taking long road trips, you certainly need a car charger that allows you to charge many devices in one go. Preferably buy a car charger with both Type-C and USB ports that also display the car battery at the same time.

Another cool attribute in this kind of device is that it also has a smart recognition chip that’s able to cut any abnormal electricity activity, which will keep the device safe from any electrical harm.

Portable Power Bank

Finding a dependable portable source of power for electrical devices like tablets and smartphones is more of a necessity rather than a want these days. 

You’re able to charge three devices at the same time quickly. The best part of this device is that it’s compatible and it’s able to fit into your handbag or pocket. 

Depending on the number of devices you are charging at the same time, it can allow you to keep your devices charged for days on end, giving you the option to recharge some of your devices in just a matter of hours. It charges twice as fast compared to standard power banks.

Power Inverter

Getting access to a reliable and strong power source during the time you’re outside your home can be a real issue, but in this day and age, it’s possible to turn your car into a source using a power inverter. 

It’s great to use on appliances like kettles, which can be very handy when camping for instance. It’s also great for charging tablets, laptops, and other electronic devices while you travel.

Most power inverters have two USB ports and two AC outlets that are protected from overheating and short circuits so that it’s reliable and safe for maximum charging power.

GoPro Hero 8

The GoPro Hero 8 is a premium video technology device that is designed to fit in the palm of your hands, that can help you create clear 4K images while having a prolonged battery life.

This high-quality video technology can create steady videos in almost any area. Giving you the option to record a video or take pictures while the device gets protected in case it falls to the ground.

You can even link it with a smartphone via its app which you can use to download, edit data or even go live on social media using it as a live camera. 

If you’d like to film your road trip adding a car mount will provide you with a lot of filming options as well as stable footage because it’s built strong.



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