Small Dents And Scratches: Are They Worth Getting Fixed?

No matter how careful a driver you are, you’re likely to accumulate some bumps and scratches on your vehicle’s bodywork over time. While some of these may be minor and barely noticeable, others may be major and harder to ignore. 

It’s important to know when to repair this damage. Such repairs could be expensive, but could be worthwhile overall. This post lists a few things worth considering to help you decide whether or not to get the damage fixed.

Consider the impact on the resale value

Bumps and scratches can make a car less appealing to buyers. Large bumps and scratches could have a particular negative impact, resulting in you having to price your car much lower.

If you don’t ever plan to sell your vehicle, getting this damage fixed may not matter. However, if you would like to sell your car, you may want to look into the price of repair to see if it’s worth preserving your car’s value. Large scratches and dents are more likely to affect the value of a new car or a luxury car – it may not be worth getting damage fixed on a car that you bought for less than $1000, as repairs are likely to cost more than any value preserved. 

Consider whether there could be hidden internal damage

Sometimes, a scratch or a dent can leave hidden internal damage. This is particularly the case with modern cars that are designed to crumple on impact to absorb shock. 

Bumper damage or wheel arch damage is always worth getting checked out, even if it’s a small dent. You want to be sure that no parts have been knocked slightly out of place or loosened – over time these parts could continue to shift or loosen up more, causing much more costly damage. A repair center will be able to identify any internal damage.

Know when you’re entitled to compensation

If damage was caused during an accident or as a result of vandalism, you may be covered by your insurance. However, this isn’t always the case – a basic third party insurance policy will only cover damage made to other drivers.

Legal compensation could still be worth pursuing. If you were involved in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, it could be worth looking for a car accident attorney. Where can I find a car accident attorney near me? Your best option is to look online, where you’ll be able to compare multiple attorney services and get the best quote.

Know when to consider DIY repairs

Very minor dents and scratches may not be worth visiting a repair center for. Why? Because you can most likely repair them yourself.

If you take action early, it’s often possible to reduce the appearance of small scratches by using DIY solutions like toothpaste. It’s also possible to remove some bumps simply by using a plunger or a vacuum cleaner. Consider looking up some of these DIY solutions online if your car has recently developed some damage – you may be able to save yourself some money.


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