Safety Tips for Motorcycle Riders

Motorcycle riders are, unfortunately, some of the most vulnerable people on the road. They have no seat belt, and they don’t have a roof over their head to protect them from rain or snow. 

Motorcycles also lack any airbags in case of an accident. However, there are many ways that motorcycle riders can increase their safety while traveling on the roads and highways. 

Below Is a List Of 8 Tips That You Should Consider Before Hitting The Street!

Wearing The Right Gear

Always wear proper protective equipment such as helmets and gloves. Wearing ill-fitting or damaged gear can put you at risk of injury if you need to go off the bike in an emergency situation.

1. Head Protection

Always wear a helmet! Even if you are only driving on short trips. Wearing a helmet will significantly decrease the risk of injury to your head in case you get into motorcycle accident lawsuits and can reduce the severity of any brain damage that may occur due to an impact with another vehicle or object. 

In addition, riders should try to buy helmets approved by DOT (Department of Transportation) standards as these generally offer more protection than other types.

2. Eye Protection

Also, make sure to have eye protection covering both eyes, even if it is dark outside, because any debris could fly up into one eye, causing severe damage to your vision.

3. Skin Protection

Always ride with a bottle of sunscreen with you during the spring and summer months due to its ability to block harmful sun UV rays from damaging skin cells, which could lead to cancer down the line.

4. Body Protection

Another thing riders often forget about is their clothing. Motorcycle riders must wear tight-fitting clothes to avoid falling off of the bike in an emergency. Getting caught on something like a loose piece of fabric could cause additional damage as you desperately attempt to get away from it.

Riders should always wear bright-colored clothing if they plan on driving during the day because most accidents occur due to sun glare. In addition, seeing riders will allow other drivers who might be distracted by sunlight a better chance at avoiding them! 

Similarly, you should avoid wearing dark colors while riding motorcycles as these make it harder for others around you to spot your presence, increasing the chances of an accident occurring.

5. Know Your Limits

Good riding skills can also help keep motorcyclists safe, so make sure to practice often and ride confidently, knowing your limits. Should you doubt whether or not you should be out driving due to weather conditions such as rain, do not push yourself too hard because this will put you at risk of making mistakes while behind the wheel, which can lead to serious injury down the road. 

Experts recommend never riding your bike in wet conditions unless necessary because motorcycles are much more likely to lose control and fall in wet or slippery conditions, leading to potentially severe injury or even death.

6. Do Not Drink And Drive!

Motorcycle riders should never ride their bikes after drinking alcohol since intoxicated individuals have slower reaction times than those who have not consumed any alcoholic beverages, making it that much easier for accidents with cars or objects along roadsides from happening.

Besides your attorney may also advise you about the possible consequences of driving under influence if you happen to enter an accident and injure yourself. You should read more by clicking here and consulting with a motorcycle accident personal injury expert.

7. Check The Admin

Also, ensure that all necessary paperwork, including registrations, is up-to-date with no outstanding fees or penalties. This may also be a good time to check the tires on your bike and make sure they are properly inflated, which will help you keep control of them while riding in slippery conditions.

8. Check Your Bike

Always ensure that your motorcycle is in excellent working condition before getting on it, and drive carefully to keep yourself from dismounting the bike unexpectedly! 

There are various ways to check whether a motorcycle works properly, but one quickest method is to kickstart your bike. 

Suppose there are no problems with the engine. In that case, this will start your bike immediately without any issues. 

Whereas if there is something wrong with your motorcycle’s mechanics, such as an oil leak that prevents proper function when trying to start it, then kick starting it won’t be enough. All bikes have different types of ignition systems, which means they may require many more steps than just starting by foot.


There are so many factors involved in road safety as a motorcyclist because there isn’t much protection around compared to an enclosed vehicle. Still, by following these above and always being aware of their surroundings while out on the road, motorcycle riders can greatly reduce their chances of accidents.



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