The Best Car Gadgets for 2021

Unfortunately, we can’t all afford a brand-new Tesla, but there are still several ways that we can make our cars smarter and more intuitive with some 21st Century tech. Here are some of our favorite options.

Android Auto and CarPlay

Using your phone while driving is a big no-no, but many of us still use our mobile devices on the go for the likes of Google maps and music.

Having an onboard smart system is the simpler and safer way to navigate the apps you want while keeping your eyes on the road. 

Googles Android Auto and Apple CarPlay give you the power to connect your phone to your in-car entertainment system for hands-free access to apps, calls, and messages. 

A lot of new cars come with Android Auto or CarPlay included, but for older vehicles, there is still the option to purchase an Android or Apple CarPlay receiver and have it repurpose the space that your radio used to be, although professional installation is recommended. 

Wireless Phone Charger/Mount

For those of us that don’t want to shell out for a large entertainment system and smart screen for our car, a sturdy phone mount is a decent second option for heads up maps displays and music connection.  

However, the capabilities of your phone mount can be bumped up a notch with the inclusion of wireless charging.

For phones that support wireless charging, there are several options for mounts that have a charging pad included, with smart mounts that can be attached nearly anywhere, on the dashboard, windshield, or air vents. It negates the need for pesky wires that may become distracting and ensures your phone is never out of juice when you reach your destination.

The top 10 car phone mounts are easy to find on both online and in store.


With a bit of luck, most of us will never be involved in a traffic collision, but for those of us that are it can be a nightmare trying to explain to your insurance company that the accident wasn’t your fault. 

That is why it pays to be prepared with a dashcam. With recording capabilities of up to 4K, dashcams’ allow you to capture the action and easily transfer footage to your PC or phone. Some higher-end devices can even track your GPS and car speed, so no matter what the other party claims you will have the proof to see you through and legal stickiness. 

Car Health Monitors

The warning lights on your dashboard are there to let you know if something is wrong with your vehicle. However, the lights can be somewhat vague and will often require a costly trip to the mechanic just to diagnose the problem.

Luckily there are devices these days that can plug onto the onboard diagnostics system of your car, providing scanned data about the health of your vehicle. Error codes can be recorded and sometimes rectified then and there with the help of a car maintenance app, or else detailed repair data can be sent to your phone to eliminate the guesswork of your car’s needs. 


TileMate is a handy little gadget that can stop you from ever losing your car keys again. It is a tracking device that sits neatly on your key ring, which can be tracked via an app on your phone. 

Better yet, the TileMate can even work the other way round, allowing you to ring your misplaced phone. Never again will you have to frantically run around the house searching for your misplaced keys before work.


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