7 Good Reasons To Buy A Dashcam

Been thinking of buying a dashcam for your vehicle? These popular gadgets are more than fun toys – here are just 7 good reasons to own a dashcam.

They’re great for recording a road trip

When it comes to scenic road trips, dashcams can be a great tool for capturing the moment. Since you can’t take out a phone or a camcorder whilst driving, a dashcam is the best option for recording footage. It may not even be the scenery that you want to capture – all kinds of eventful things can happen on the road during a long drive, which you’ll be able to share proof of with your friends after.

They can help you make a claim after an accident

One of the most popular reasons for buying a dashcam is having legal evidence to use in the event of an accident. If the accident was the fault of another driver, you’ll have video footage to prove that it was their fault. This could help your case if you need to hire an auto accident attorney. It could even help you to catch a driver’s number plate if they fail to stop and exchange details after the accident.

They can help you report other criminal behaviour on the road

Ever witnessed somebody else’s dangerous driving and wished you had footage of it so that you could notify the police? Having a dashcam allows you to record any criminal behaviour on the road so that justice can be served. In fact, dashcams have been a massive help in stamping down on criminal behaviour on the road.

They can protect you against fraud

If somebody steals your number plate and commits a criminal offence on the road, having dashcam footage can prove that you weren’t that driver and that you are a victim of fraud. This can save you having to rely on CCTV for evidence, which can often be more difficult and expensive to obtain.

They can lower your insurance rates

Some insurers are now offering discounts to drivers with dashcams. If you’re trying to save money on your insurance, this could be a great incentive to buy a dashcam.

They can help you to monitor drivers using your car

If somebody else is driving your car and you want to monitor their driving, a dashcam can also come in handy. Perhaps you have kids who are new drivers and you want to monitor them to check that their driving is safe. Alternatively, if you’re a business owner and you share a company vehicle with employees, you may want to monitor your employees’ driving to check that they’re driving economically and safely.

They’re getting cheaper

When dashcams first came out they were pricey. However, nowadays these gadgets are very affordable. There are many dashcams available for under $50. If you’ve been put off by the cost until now, you may want to have another look at what’s out there.


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