Why it’s Important to Buy a Car with a Charging Station in 2021

You finally have an electric car that belongs completely to you. Now what? Do you know how to charge it? Do you know how to select the correct charging station for your new vehicle? Have you ever thought about what you need to keep in mind when purchasing an electric vehicle with a charging station? In this article, we discuss a few important factors to keep in mind.

Decide on which charging power your charging station needs

Compared to other vehicles, electric cars charge really fast. Depending on the vehicle’s onboard charger, the needed power will range from 3.7kW to 22kW. The 3.7kW electric vehicle is chargeable at any charging station that is designed with quicker charging abilities.

Identify the plug type your electric car has

There exists two basic plug types in Europe, namely, type 1 and type 2. If for example, you have an EV that has a type 2 plug, this would mean you can use a charging station that has a linked charging cable all the time. Contrary, if a Nissan Leaf has a type 1 plug, it won’t be chargeable at the same station as a vehicle with a type 2 plug. So in other words, it’s only chargeable at a charging station with a corresponding adaptor.

To go further, the station with a type 2 connection point provides complete flexibility because the matching Mode 3 cable for charging can be linked whenever required. The best choice for public spaces is a charging station that has a type 2 plug point, the Mustang Mach-E charging stations are a great example of this because of the locations they are placed in.

Select a charging station manufacturer that is best for you

In the process of selecting a charging station for your EV, ensure it’s made by credible manufacturers. This will assure you that your EV is compatible with the charging station in question. Because good manufactures will make sure your car get gets future updates, replacing parts of your charging station when needed. 

Cost Implications

You’re able to get a standard model of a charging station for about 599 euros. If you want additional features, the price can be more. Over and above this, you also have to think about electrical installation, and mounting apart from the charging station.

In general, it’s recommended that you come up with installation, that’s “future proof.” This way you will avoid paying additional costs if you decide to buy a new electric vehicle that has a quicker charging device in the future. 

In addition, pay attention to electrical safety elements. All charging stations for EV’s need to have separate electrical circuits that work through a single command with a secure circuit breaker and a residual updated piece of equipment. 

Final Words of Advice

This year, the up-to-date residual gadget is integrated into most charging stations. Meaning you’re now able to save quite a bit on installation and additional costs brought about by “external residual current” devices. It’s possible to save between 100 to 750 euros depending on the model.


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