Want to Lower Your Car? Here are 10 Things You Should Know

You cannot deny how better your car will look when you upgrade it to sit low. Lowering your vehicle can transform it into one of the best assets you ever owned. That is not all; lowering your car comes with other benefits.

Lowering suspensions can make your car more comfortable and good-looking. However, there is another side to the coin that you should know. For instance, low suspensions can also make a car wobble when turning, depending on whether you raise or lower your vehicle. One of the reasons why people lower their cars is to enhance handling and improve the entire setup. This may seem like an upgrade for the sporty models. But, do you know everything about lowering your car?

Here are the pros and cons of lowering your car:

The Pros of Lowering Your Car 

  • Low Cog

Lowering your car also reduces its center of gravity. In this case, you will be making your car more stable and easier to handle. Low Cog enhances stability, meaning that your vehicle will be safer when negotiating turns.

  • Better handling

A low-lying car always has better handling than a raised one. However, this depends on the type of vehicle and suspensions you use.

  • Better look

One of the reasons people lower their cars is to enhance their visual appeal. There is no denying that a low-lying car looks more fabulous and more expensive.

  • Better aerodynamics

Lowering your car reduces drag by ensuring that less air goes under it. This aspect improves its aerodynamics.

The Cons of Lowering Your Car

  • Handling issues

Lowering your car may enhance its handling. However, this is never the case if the roads are bumpy. When the roads are rough, which is always the case, you may want to rethink before you lower your car.

 A low-car may find it hard to maneuver bumps since the suspensions may not work correctly to keep the tires in contact with the ground. In the long run, you find yourself struggling to handle your car.

  • Bumpy ride

The shock absorbers and springs you invest in determines the ride quality when you lower your car. This means that lowering your car can also lower the ride quality. However, this also depends on your driving condition and the roads you use.

  • Easy wear

Lowering your car makes it susceptible to damage since it will be closer to the ground. This means that your car will likely slam on bumps and potholes.

Factors to Consider Before Lowering Your Car

  • Your coils

You may be led to the mistake that all you need to lower your car is to get coil springs. This is often a more affordable option. However, it comes with many risks.

Coils springs are essential if you want to lower your car. Accordingly, coil inspection is vital because it may help you avoid accidents and severe damage.

  • Front and rear alignment

Most cars will come when factory aligned to zero degrees of camber. Depending on the type and model, you may need to find out if the factory adjustment is enough for lowering your car. If you want to lower your vehicle to more than 1.5″, you may want to invest in coil-overs with camber plates.

  • Body roll

Lowering your car also reduces the center of gravity, making it go closer to the roll center or body roll. This is likely to make your vehicle more stable. However, you have to ensure that the car is not so low that its body roll is on the ground. This way, the car will have a problem turning, making it harder to handle.

Is lowering your car a good idea?

As seen, there are advantages and disadvantages of lowering your vehicle. Accordingly, you should note that the drawbacks may outweigh the benefits. This means that you should consider this idea in specific situations, depending on your car type and the roads you use.

The answer to whether you should lower or not depends on your preference. If you can afford the makeover and do not mind the drawbacks, go ahead. However, you may want to consider your car’s overall performance instead of looking at the visual appeal alone.

The Bottom Line

Do you want to maximize the look of your car? Then you should consider lowering it. However, you may want to consider the drawbacks of doing so. All in all, the idea of lowering your car can be appealing, mainly because it can make an ugly car look more expensive and exquisite. If you are in that category, this article should be an eyeopener for you.



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