Keeping Up Appearances: How To Maximize The Look Of Your Vehicle

Your relationship with the vehicle is influenced by many factors. For the very best results, you should focus on cost-efficiency, performance, safety, comfort, and more. However, it’s equally important to appreciate the value of appearances. After all, when you love the look of your car, it will enhance your experiences behind the wheel.

It may feel like a daunting prospect, but simple changes can make a big difference to the look of your vehicle. Here are 10 simple steps that will work wonders. 

#1. Treating the bodywork

The external paint job is unquestionably one of the most integral features of the car’s appearance. Selecting the right color should be at the top of your agenda. But choosing a material that maintains the shine without waxing makes life even easier. If your car has encountered minor damage, paintless dent removal can restore the body to its former glory. This instantly removes the source of underwhelming feelings.

While some drivers like to choose body wraps, the truth is that they aren’t needed. As long as you keep the bodywork in good health, the vehicle will look great.

#2. Implementing regular cleaning

A clean car is a happy car. Even if the bodywork is free from dents, it will look less attractive if you allow dirt and grime to accumulate. Meanwhile, bird poop can actually harm the vehicle. Therefore, taking the time to clean your vehicle, even with a trip to the car wash is vital. When taking on this challenge, though, it’s equally crucial to vacuum the interior parts of the vehicle. Food and dirt from shoes can quickly destroy the vibe.

If nothing else, the conscious effort to keep the clean will encourage you to take greater pride in the vehicle. This can translate to enhanced happiness behind the wheel.

#3. Choosing the right external accessories

Esthetic beauty is one thing, but your thoughts are also influenced by the practicality of the vehicle. When you can see that the car is tailored to your requirements, the feelings towards it will improve. Functional features can still actively enhance the vehicle’s overall look, as is shown by selecting the right roof rack. Likewise, tow bars and new bumper fascias should be matched to your vehicle model.

You can gain further inspiration about what accessories your car may benefit from by checking out online tutorials. Alternatively, speak to an expert.

#4. Upgrading the alloys

Given that the wheels go through a lot of work, they can succumb to wear and tear. Opting for premium quality tires that are built to last will give you the best performance results. When it comes to creating a better look, though, new alloys are the key to success. In truth, though, alloys aren’t your only option. Forged aluminum is stronger but lighter, for example. Knowing your options is vital.

Many drivers find that raising or lowering the height of their vehicle will maximize the benefits of this upgrade. But it is a personal choice.

#5. Adding new infotainment systems

Car technology has evolved at a rapid rate. Just 25 years ago, many cars still had a tape deck and analog settings. Nowadays, touch screens, Bluetooth music, and GPS are all commonplace. Meanwhile, infotainment systems can incorporate parking sensors and cameras for comfort. When supported by features like ultra-modern LED lighting, you can bring a slightly older car into 2021.

Falling in love with the visual elements of the vehicle shouldn’t be limited to external features. And now it won’t be.

#6. Replace the seat covers

While there are plenty of internal features that influence the overall look of the car, the upholstery stands out. Old and battered seats will ruin the appearance and impact your comfort. It is a very common issue after buying a used vehicle. Buying new seat covers can transform the look of your vehicle’s cabin. Better still, it is a very cheap upgrade to complete that also yields instant results.

In more severe cases, replacing the seats or the seat filling may be required. In truth, though, this is a very rare issue.

#7. Add a little personality

Establishing a sense of ownership is vital for your bond with the vehicle. Therefore, adding a few personal touches can make all the difference. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to start thinking about decals and other items that could potentially harm the resale value. Instead, think about steering wheel covers, wing mirror covers, and cup holders. If you have kids, adding in-car DVD players can work wonders too.

The simple additions can extend to wearing driving gloves or investing in better driving eyewear. 

#8. Change the air filtration

Technically speaking, the benefits of this upgrade will focus on your sense of smell rather than sight. However, you can spot that the filtration system has recently been treated. When combined with the improved scent and calm vibes, you will notice a big impact. This DIY guide to cleaning the air ducts will put you on the right track. It’s cost-effective nature makes it a great option for all drivers.

The fact that the improved air quality protects your respiratory system should not be overlooked either.

#9. Upgrade the stereo

Sound systems are another feature that primarily benefit another sense. In this case, it’s the audio-based improvements that matter most. Once again, though, the visual indication of having a better sound system will enhance your feelings towards the vehicle. Checking out the best car sound systems on the market will provide all the inspiration you need. Road trips and cruising never felt better.

Even if you’re no longer 18, the car stereo is something you’ll want to show off. Especially when coupled with a great infotainment system.

#10. Get keyless entry

Finally, it’s important to remember that many of the visual elements are about how the car makes you feel. Upgrading to a keyless entry system is actually a lot more affordable than you think. The knowledge that you’ll look cooler as you approach and enter the car can have a telling influence. Besides, it adds convenience and removes the threat of snapping your key in a lock.

Often in life, adding the finishing touches is what will transform the experience. This is certainly one of those situations.


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