Things to Consider Before Choosing a Dash Cam for Trucks

They go by different names; dash cams, car DVR, accident recorder, dashboard cameras, etc. Whatever you call them, these cameras can provide crucial evidence if you’re involved in a fender bender or severe crash.

Once reserved for police vehicles, dash cams have become a necessity for any driver today. These compact cameras have evolved beyond a simple accident camera into complex recording and GPS devices.  

Modern dash cams have unique features that allow them to record video and audio in a continuous loop. The more advanced ones come with features, like an impact sensor that automatically detects a collision and saves the footage before and after the incident.

That said, there is a lot to consider when buying a dashcam because each camera comes with unique features. Before jumping into the dashcam fray, let’s look at some of the critical things to consider when choosing a dashboard camera for trucks.

1. Video Quality

Video quality is perhaps the most important factor to consider when buying a dashcam for trucks. It’s highly recommended that you go for one that can capture video in high-resolution, preferably 1080p rather than 720p resolution.

Full HD videos (1080p) are sharper and more detailed. These extra details can come in handy, especially when you want to zoom in on a frame to analyze a person’s face or license plate.

Dashboard cameras have evolved a lot since the ‘80s when all content was captured in poor quality (360p). Today, there are dash cams that can even capture video in 4K. Others come with 180-degree lenses capable of capturing a wider field of view. You may be thinking, surely the price of the product portrays the quality of the cam? You’re wrong, cheap dash cams offer great savings without compromising on quality, but before purchasing ensure you look at the reviews for the product to get an insight into what you’re buying.

2. Speech Support

Speech support is another critical factor to consider and one that can significantly reduce your risks of getting into accidents.

A dashcam with voice support lets you speak out loud to issue commands. You can conveniently issue commands with speech support to start and stop recording video, take still photos, and do much more.

Rather than touching the screen or back of a dashcam to perform an action—which isn’t safe when driving—you can use voice commands to control the camera safely.

Some advanced dashcams, like Samsara, which you can find on, go the extra mile to provide audible voice support for driver coaching. Powered by an AI engine, these dash cams analyze the road and cab for high-risk behaviors, extreme events, and crashes, then notifies the driver via voice alerts.

3. Storage

Dashcams generate massive amounts of data. To avoid disappointments, buy a dashcam that supports high-capacity memory cards of over 32GB.

When the memory card gets full, the dashcam starts writing over the old recordings. With larger memory cards, you can record video for a longer period without overwriting the old ones. Also, make sure to go for class 10 memory cards

Using a lower-class memory card is not recommended because they tend to have a bad video output. For even greater ease of use, consider buying a camera with built-in Wi-Fi. Internet connectivity allows you to seamlessly upload footage to the cloud for future access.

4. Dual Channel

If you need full coverage of your trucks, a front dashboard camera alone will not do the job. Instead, go for a dual-channel dashcam.

A single-channel dash cam has a single camera that can only record what is happening in front of your truck. On the other hand, a dual-channel dashcam comes with dual lenses that let you record the front and rear as well as inside your truck.

Wrapping Up

Different dash cams come with different features that can help to exonerate you from claims in the event of an accident.

When shopping for a dashcam for your trucks, make sure to go for the option with the features mentioned above. Other important features to look for in a dashboard camera include night vision, GPS, camera size, and easy installation.


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