3 Suitable Approaches That Can Help You Get Your DUI Charges Dropped

Driving under the influence (DUI) charge can result in unsettled criminal offenses. If you are dealing with DUI charges, the following methods can be employed to help you drop your DUI case in no time. 

Plea Bargain with Prosecutor

Plea negotiations with your prosecutor are one of the smart techniques to resolve your DUI charge outside the courtroom. Plea-bargaining is a process in which you can offer a reasonable plead guilty amount that can help you reduce the severe penalties. Negotiations with the prosecutor can either result in your favor or against you. The prosecutor checks on the evidence altogether to decide whether to pursue charges or not. If the evidence is insufficient, then there are high chances that you can save yourself from legal penalties. However, if a DUI charge is already filed against you and there is enough evidence to support, it can be quite difficult to negotiate with the prosecutor.  

You can succeed in getting your DUI charge dropped when: 

  • You have no history of DUIs or criminal convictions.
  • Low level of BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration).
  • You were under the influence due to prescribed medicine. Even so, you must contact your lawyer and explain your situation. You can read this to learn how a DUI lawyer can help you out.

Challenge Field Sobriety Tests

Challenging the field sobriety tests is another technique to possibly get DUI dismissal. It is sensible to validate the field sobriety assessments. Normally, these types of tests are run by police officers: HGN (Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus), OLS (One-Leg Stand), and WAT (Walk & Run Test). These tests can be subject to human errors. Thus, it is best to challenge the relative accuracy of these tests to help you save yourself. 

It is recommended to acquire the help of a legal professional so that tests can be challenged properly, including the ways like;

  • Were the tests conducted on the uneven pavement?
  • Was the driver wearing unsuitable shoes, such as high heels, uncomfortable sandals, etc.?
  • Was the driver unable to understand the instruction given by the officer at that time?

Similarly, when it comes to other tests including HGN, there can be involuntary eye movement due to certain medical conditions other than alcohol or drugs. Hence, you must consult an experienced DUI lawyer who can challenge the accuracy of these tests. The NoVa Law Firm can be a great stop for you to acquire legal advice and lead you through dismissal of all DUI charges.

Unacceptable Cause for Stopping the Vehicle

When it comes to the improper reason for stopping your vehicle on the road by a police officer, then there is a clear way for you to get out of a DUI charge. But, you must have some legal support of a qualified DUI attorney to represent your case. 

Generally, police officers happen to stop motor vehicles on the road when there are obvious traffic law violations, for instance over speeding, not stopping on a red sign, or a driver is posing threat to others on the road by changing lanes unpredictably. However, if you didn’t commit any of such traffic violations, then you must not worry at all. As long as you had been a good driver on the road, the police officers didn’t stand a chance to stop your car. Henceforth, if you and your lawyer believe that you were stopped due to any improper reason, the prosecution shall be forced to instantly dismiss charges filed against you.



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