Geman DUI Defense Attorney Tips For Professionals Charged with DUI

Even the best people make mistakes as well as bad decisions. How many times did it happen when respectable and great people commit simple errors that cost them a lot? There are countless times, and we cannot blame them, they are humans too. And when placed in tight situations, making mistakes is very easy and sometimes unavoidable especially when one is rattled. Sometimes, tense situations can make even the best person making bad decisions.

Car racers are some of the sports professionals people look up to a lot. However, as much as people look up to them, they are also keen to the public eye on their mistakes, and they are always subject to different scrutiny. If you are a car racer reading this, the tendency is, you are facing DUI charges in Denver or someone you know might be in trouble at this very moment. The first thing you need to do is remain calm and call for the assistance of a Denver DUI Defense

No one is immune to the law when it comes to drunk driving. It doesn’t matter who you are; no one is above the law. Whether you made a mistake or did it without thinking of the consequences or someone you know did, here are some of the things you need to keep in mind.

During Arrest and Booking

When you get arrested for drunk driving, the first thing authorities will do is to take you to the nearest police station using their patrol car. It could be a very embarrassing moment but do not resist or fight back nor argue with the officers. It will only get you more trouble. Just cooperate and talk to them as calmly as you can even when you are still drunk. It may be difficult to do, especially when you are too drunk but try to keep your wits not just during the arrest but also during the booking. When they book you, they will take all your personal belongings and take mug shots of you before bringing you to the prison cell. Again, it is not a pleasant experience, but you need to deal with it properly so as not to do more damage. It is not a nice thought that your information and mugshot are readily available for all to see, but you can look into mugshot removal to restore your online reputation at a later date. 

During Court Appearance

Once you bail yourself out, you are a free man with limitations and will need to wait for your court date. It is one of the many consequences of DUI. It can be an embarrassing experience for you, but you need to attend your court hearings. The good thing is that you won’t be there alone, your attorney will be with you all the way until all trials are done.

About License Suspension

If you are found guilty, your license may get revoked, and you may not be able to race for some time. However, you and your lawyer may file an appeal for it, and the decision can be based on your criminal history. Most of the time if it is your first time, then considerations are made by the judge. It is not an assurance though so it depends on the negotiation skills of your attorney.

Drunk driving is a severe offense in the United States especially since there are many road accidents caused by drunken drivers. Driving Under Influence (DUI) is punishable by law, however, the punishment may differ from one state to another. It is therefore important not to drive when you had some drinks. If it is unavoidable, it is best to control your drinking and never go beyond the allowable alcohol limit. The sad thing about DUI is, you might not just hurt yourself physically, but you might also injure or kill others and damage properties too. It could drastically affect your life, and the consequences are not functional either. So if you are wondering what happens when you get a DUI? Here are the basics.

You’ll Get Arrested and Booked

When you get flagged down for suspicions of drunk driving, the police will not take you to jail immediately. You will get subjected to a series of sobriety tests first, including a breathalyzer test. If they see you are within the allowable Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), then you may be allowed to go, or they could drive you home, depending on your condition. However, if the officers see you exceeded the allowable BAC, they will arrest you and take you to the nearest police station where you will get booked. Police will make your mugshot and fingerprints. You may get released immediately following the arrest if there is someone who will go there to pay your bail and drive you home. However, there are some states where they will hold you for a particular time until you become sober.

You Need to Appear in Court

Preceding your arrest, you will get a ticket or a summons informing you the details of your court hearing. There, you will get tried, and you will need to answer a lot of questions regarding your drunk driving charges. It can be a traumatic and humiliating experience for the accused after he sobers up, but it is part of the consequences of his actions. It is also during this time that you may plead guilty or not guilty regarding the accusation.

Your Driver’s License Will Get Suspended

It is a national law that your driving privileges will get suspended for a certain period even if it is your first conviction. It doesn’t matter what driving license you have; it will get suspended.

You’ll Pay a Fine

For every state, there is a corresponding penalty for drunk driving. The minimum is usually imposed; however, factors are affecting a higher amount of fine. One factor always considered is the gravity of the offense and the number of times you got arrested for DUI and other criminal charges.

You’ll Go to Jail or You Will Do Probation

Again, depending on where you live, what you did, and how many times you got caught, the court can send you to jail. For first-time offenders, it could only be two days, and you can choose which dates you want to serve it. However, there are some cases where jail time is longer, depending on what you did. If not, you will get probation and mostly do some community service.



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