Keeping Your Car Clean During Covid-19

We all know at least one person who is completely incapable of keeping their vehicle clean, the kind of person who is comfortable driving waist-deep in discarded fast-food debris. But with the emergence of Covid-19, many people are now taking their car cleaning routine much more seriously. Here’s what you need to know about keeping your car clean during Covid-19, and why it matters.

What’s The Danger?

It is important to remember that Covid-19 can survive on various surfaces from minutes to days, depending on the surface. There is also growing evidence that the virus can be transmitted by talking and even just breathing naturally. 

Even if you are the only person who uses your car, it is still recommended that you regularly wipe down any surfaces that you regularly touch. In the event that you do catch the virus, keeping your vehicle clean can help to reduce your exposure and, therefore, the severity of the symptoms.

Cleaning The Interior

Whether you are sharing your vehicle exclusively with other members of your household or you are also having other people in it, you should still give the same amount of care to cleaning the interior as possible. Using warm, soapy water is an effective way of destroying the virus, but using more than a little water inside your vehicle isn’t practical.

As an alternative, alcohol-based antiseptic or antibacterial wipes are an effective tool to use. Make sure that you thoroughly wipe down all the obvious places, the steering wheel, the gearstick, the door handles, and anywhere that is going to get touched on a regular basis. If you also have young children riding in your car, then assume that they are touching everything.  The jury is still out on whether kids can carry and transmit the virus, but it is wise to err on the side of caution for now.

Cleaning The Exterior

If you work at a hospital or care home, or you have vulnerable people in your household, or you just want to be extra cautious for the sake of your family, you might want to think about hitting up the carwash more regularly. You can try a smarter, eco-friendly service such as that offered by Sundance Carwash. This is a smart car wash service that uses plenty of soap and water but also combines this with other techniques for a more eco-friendly wash. Sundance has locations throughout Lancaster County, and they offer a self-service option for maximum convenience. Car washes like this one are becoming increasingly popular throughout the country. 

If you choose to clean your car at home, then just like washing your hands, soap and water will wash away and or destroy any virus that has taken up residence on the exterior of your car. When you are wiping down your car, make sure that you also do the exterior door handles; a lot of people overlook these.

Covid-19 has encouraged a lot of people to change their cleaning habits for the better. If you are someone who hasn’t historically cared much about the state of their vehicle, then now is the time to start paying attention. A few simple steps could make your vehicle considerably safer for you and your family.


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